Top 5 start-ups providing financial assistance to SMBs in India

In the last few years, Small Medium Business (SMBs) has revolutionised the traditional methods of doing business and proven ways to survive tough days such as the unforeseen days of the pandemic. In order to keep the ball rolling, every business needs financial assistance in some or the other ways like getting business loans or to get GST solutions or to get payment gateway solutions, etc. To provide financial support to the businesses across India here are 5 start-ups which are providing financial support in many ways.

Aye Finance

Aye Finance is a commercial institution built around the mission to solve the challenges of funding MSMEs and enabling their inclusion into the mainstream of the economy. Aye Finance differentiates itself by creating a technically enabled process that builds credit insights through a variety of available business and behavioural data. This effective credit appraisal coupled with the use of modern workflow automation, and a small but engaged workforce is helping bridge the gap between the MSMEs and organized lending. The cloud-computing architecture enables flexibility delivery of customer service at an affordable cost. The Company also funds its non-profit initiative to coach MSMEs on market knowledge, business book-keeping and advising on operations techniques.


Treflo is a mobile-friendly SaaS platform aimed at being a productivity suite configured exclusively for Indian SMBs. Treflo’s powerful middleware integrates itself into the workflow of businesses by making compliance obligations up to 100 times more efficient. Automated GST billing and payments, one-click compliance, staff management, customer and cash flow management, and growth insights are some of the salient features that establish Treflo as the go-to app for SMBs. The resourceful platform acts as an equalizer to create sectoral parity, offering tools to SMBs that only large enterprises have used hitherto.


Easebuzz is a one-stop destination digital platform that provides financial management solutions to businesses of all sizes in India. Easebuzz helps them manage the receivables and payables on low-cost, high-value model payment-related solutions and SaaS-based financial management assistance. Since its inception, Easebuzz has emerged as a technology partner of the growing businesses for the digital payment collection mechanism, managing workflow and value-added services under one roof by offering its unique products. The company facilitates a plug-n-play solution for businesses who wish to have an in-house payment collection mechanism to optimize their financial systems by offering them customized solutions. Besides serving SMEs in India, the company also caters to small business ventures from other sectors, including education, e-groceries, insurance, e-commerce, utility, cable and internet, tourism, etc.


Ezetap provides tailor made financial solutions for the businesses. The company’s mission is to be the single platform through which businesses complete any financial transaction with their customers, supporting every instrument and method that those customers want to use. Ezetap is fundamentally changing how hundreds of millions of people pay for goods and services on a daily basis. The company enables businesses to accept any type of payment via any type of digital instrument (cards, wallets, apps) through a single interface. They are a full stack company having end-to-end capabilities to handle digital payment processing right from switching to reconciliation, using

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