Tredence Launches Energy.AI

Digital twin and AI advance sustainability and energy efficiency for telecom, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries.

India, March 09, 2023: Tredence Inc., the Data Science and AI Solutions company, today launched Energy.AI, an innovative AI solution to help telecom, technology, manufacturing and CPG companies increase energy efficiency and meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and UN Sustainable Development goals. Energy.AI helps enterprises monitor, capture, and optimize energy usage and improve operational efficiency, increasing speed to action by a minimum of 30 percent.

Responsible leadership in today’s digital age necessitates the adoption of sustainable practices and the careful utilization of resources. However, effectively scaling and optimizing these initiatives can be challenging without the aid of real-time insights, prescriptive intelligence, and automated recommendations for swift decision-making. Tredence’s Energy.AI solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses streamline processes, minimize emissions, optimize consumption, and successfully attain their sustainability objectives.

“Green business is good business for companies and the environment alike, but telecoms and manufacturing companies have struggled when it comes to energy consumption and sustainability,” said Krishna Kuppuswamy, Head of Global Supply Chain Practice at Tredence. “Energy.AI helps improve resource usage and reduce emissions and energy risks with the power of artificial intelligence and near real-time insights that together make a powerful difference.”

Telecoms today account for 1.6 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions globally, with 60 percent of those emissions coming from energy consumption, making it difficult for these businesses to achieve sustainability goals. Tredence has already helped one telecom giant improve asset performance by 17 percent, reduce energy usage by 10 percent and save nearly $100 million in energy costs.

Delivering a 360-degree view of energy consumption and predictive insights, Energy.AI provides comprehensive visibility into organizational energy consumption. This allows organizations to identify high-emission sites, determine risks and quickly take action to reduce overall energy consumption. Root-cause analysis and intelligent recommendations support efficient and impactful decision-making that can drive sustainability goals forward.

“Energy.AI delivers maximum value for telecoms striving to achieve sustainability, while optimizing energy emissions and costs,” said Lakshmi Ramamurthy, Head of Telecom, Media, and Tech at Tredence. “In as little as six weeks, you can use a digital-twin powered energy efficiency solution that leverages prescriptive and predictive methods to reduce the carbon footprint of your value chain.”

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