Trend Micro Fast-Tracks Industrial IoT Security with Schneider Electric Partnership

Media OutReach – 19 August 2022 –
Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced another landmark in its continued drive to secure Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT projects after signing a new deal with Pro-face by Schneider Electric.
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Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president of IoT security for Trend Micro and chairman of TXOne Networks: “Digital technology is driving a new industrial revolution. But it also creates new cyber risks. As an IoT security innovator, Trend Micro has the tools needed to safeguard critical business growth. Our partnership with Pro-face by Schneider Electric will put these tools in the hands of even more asset owners to help protect critical control system environments from vulnerability exploitation, connecting to secure operation.”
Industry 4.0 represents a radical convergence of IT and OT technologies to drive efficiency and cost savings on the factory floor. Yet it also exposes critical manufacturing systems to the risk of compromise.
Software vulnerabilities impacting human-machine interface (HMI) technology are major contributors to cyber risk in this sphere. Almost 89% of 2021′ CVEs affecting the critical manufacturing sector
can be used to cause an impact, enabling denial of service, sabotage of production processes, or data theft.
Recent Trend Micro
research reveals that ICS/OT breaches cost an average of nearly three million dollars per incident.
However, in industrial environments, taking business-critical systems offline to test and apply patches can be challenging.
As part of Trend Micro’s ICS/OT security solutions,
Trend Micro EdgeIPS, developed by OT-focused subsidiary TXOne Networks delivers peace of mind to industrial system security managers. This transparent industrial intrusion prevention system offers virtual patching to protect critical assets from known and unknown threats without changing network topology. In so doing, it secures both legacy assets and IoT-powered digital transformation initiatives.
The new partnership will see EdgeIPS delivered as part of
HMI Centric Architecture by Pro-face in order to:

Protect critical HMI systems from vulnerability exploitation

Streamline patch management, saving time and money

Accelerate industrial IoT (IIoT) projects with confidence

Tomoa Ishii, vice president of HMI Activity at Schneider Electric: “OT and IIoT environments are uniquely exposed to vulnerability exploitation, as legacy systems gain connectivity and digital transformation expands the attack surface. Trend Micro delivers visibility, control, and protection where OT security leaders need it most. With this alliance, we help asset owners accelerate their secure industrial transformation.”
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