Trustudies – A premium home tuition service that is not just like every other marketplace offering home tuition.

Trustudies offers unique 1 to 1 learning opportunities from the best home tutors. Students from Class 4 to Class 10 are offered in-person private tuition in Maths, Science, Social Science, Spoken English, and Olympiad. The USP of Trustudies is all teachers are full-time employees of the company instead of freelancers. Teachers ensure that students learn in detail and the course is completed on time according to the school curriculum.

Trustudies services are available in Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Patna, and Ranchi.

Why Would you Trust – Trustudies?

It is not just another home tuition service!

● Students get one home tutor, one online Olympiad tutor and one spoken English tutor. Trustudies cares for the overall student development.

● All the teachers are highly qualified and proficient. 20% of the teachers have a master’s degree or are PhD scholars. The rest are school tutors with several years of experience.

● All students are shared with a proper timetable to complete the syllabus within time which is followed rigorously by all teachers.

● Monthly parents teacher meeting is conducted every month to inform parents about student’s progress.

● All teachers are full-time employees – parents do not have to worry about teachers leaving without informing the students beforehand. There is a leave policy for teachers where they need to inform about their absence at least a week before. Thus, the student does not miss a class – another teacher takes up the responsibility for the period.

● Teachers are professionals who are completely devoted to home tuition with no other engagement. Thus, students are assured of complete focus and attention from the teachers.


Trustudies ensures that teachers do not neglect the students under any circumstance, which is a major problem in the case of traditional home tuition services. For this, teachers report the student’s progress every week. The performance of the teacher is also closely monitored.

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About Trustudies:

Trustudies, launched in 2020, is a unique offline start-up that offers 1 to 1 home tuition services for classes 4 to 10. More than 1000 hours of classes are conducted each month, spreading across four cities.


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