*Tulsi Kumar wows crowds in Assam and Jharkhand with her electrifying performances*

Singer Tulsi Kumar is one of the most sought after artists this festive season and has been doing back to back shows enthralling fans across the country. She recently performed in front of a full house in Assam and Jharkhand at the prestigious ‘Falcon Festival’ and ‘Goonj Mahutsav’ respectively. Tulsi was the only female performer at ‘Falcon Festival’ in Assam held on 15 December while the ‘Goonj Mahutsav’ was held on the 20th of the month. At the latter, the expected crowd was supposed to be 10,000 but there were more than 1 lakh attendees, most of who were farmers and locals of Jharkhand.

Both the festivals supported the local culture in their own ways. While the ‘Falcon Festival’ showcased the traditions and cultures of the region to all the visiting guests, the ‘Goonj Mahutsav’ highlighted the aspirations, traditions, culture & knowledge of Jharkhand. It was an endeavour to bring together and honour artists, farmers, women, and the youth. The concept and the intention of the festivals truly resonated with Tulsi and she was glad to be part of the same.

Speaking about her experience at the two festivals, Tulsi says, “Performing at two such diverse festivals was an enriching experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the cultures and festivities in Assam and Jharkhand and had a great time performing in front of the vibrant audiences present there.”

Apart from her live performances, Tulsi has been working on her singles and film songs and recently released her first international collaboration, ‘Shut up’ with KiDi. The track has been on top of the charts ever since its release and has clocked more than 10 million views in just a couple of days. The foot-tapping track is the ideal song for this party season and has been lapped up by listeners for its peppy music and vibrant feel.

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