Two executives set to transform the PR & social media industry with the launch of Octa Communication

Elevating your brand image through exceptional strategies

At the dawn of our lockdown life, two unequivocally smart and equipped marketeers launched their own venture in the world of digital marketing by the name of Octa Communication after an exquisite experience of 8 years in the industry! They are thrilled to start this new venture, working towards the satisfaction of their current and potential clients.

At Octa Communication, our new Digital Marketing Agency, we believe in a distinctive approach. A unique and unparalleled digital marketing strategy is the right of every business, and our duty. We take the time to understand your business, your market and your goals, hence developing a bespoke plan to deliver return on investment. Genuinely caring about the client’s needs and meeting any and all demands their profile might require is our priority.

One of the co-founders of the company, Mr. Prakash Kumar Manikpuri says, “It is of paramount importance for us to build a positive image of the client’s business in the eyes of the customers through the right media available and to convey the needed message from the client to the public in the most transparent way possible. Hence, it is imperative for us to create an assertive public opinion for our clients. Our primary focus is to take the trends, changes and modifications in any company policies incorporated by the client in the most opportune direction through the right means and media.

Our prowess in the Digital Marketing world is exceptional. Our services include Corporate Reputation, Media Relations, Strategic Communications, Business Transformation, Crisis Management, Social Impact, Social Media PR, Startup Development, Events and Press Conference, Digital Marketing and even Content Writing. Moreover, we have a strong belief that the future of Public Relations and Social Media Management is Campaigns. It is a concerted understanding of the industry that various campaigning strategies–paid as well as organic–on an assortment of media platforms helps promote services and products like hotcakes. We are efficacious in defining this objective and have a set of top media portals, not to mention, in a myriad of sectors like sports, entertainment, education, retail, technology, automation, travel and hospitality, etc!

Lastly, Mr. Prakash Kumar Manikpuri talks about their belief in working with full credibility with their clients and bringing out the best through their dedicated effort. Client satisfaction is their priority and responsibility. He adds, “Outperforming ourselves in every project/endeavour comes naturally to us, thus helping us compete with our own past executions: an outline for the most efficient way of operating. Also, we strongly believe that effective communication and collaboration with the client is the key to the development of a successful solution!”


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