Uber Alumni startup Hatica raises US$3.7M to boost developer productivity and well-being using engineering analytics

● Hatica is a software engineering analytics platform that creates unprecedented visibility into workflows, alignment and wellbeing of engineering teams

● The SaaS platform has grown explosively in two years, helping over 20,000 engineering leaders and developers drive productivity and improve the developer experience

● The funding amount was led by Sequoia India’s Surge, with participation from Kae Capital and angels*

Bengaluru, India, 9 February 2023 – Engineering analytics platform Hatica today announced US$3.7 million in seed funding led by Surge, Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia’s rapid scale-up program. The round included participation from existing investor Kae Capital and from engineering leaders from Google, Uber, Twitter, Okta and Notion as angel investors*.

Ex-Uber engineers Naomi Chopra (CEO) and Haritabh Singh (CTO) are on a mission to boost productivity and enhance the overall experience for 30 million developers globally and address the multi-trillion dollar problem owing to inefficiencies in the software development process.

The rise of distributed teams amidst remote and hybrid working environments, coupled with SaaS sprawl, has made it challenging for engineering leaders and managers today to uncover inefficiencies in the development lifecycle. Ensuring alignment of effort with business goals and protecting developer wellbeing has thus been a persistent and growing challenge. However, SaaS startup Hatica has become the respite for more than 20,000 developers and engineering leaders in solving such productivity and alignment issues.

“We aim to build Hatica as the daily landing app for every engineering leader to get to the heart of what they can do to help their engineers do their best work,” said Naomi Chopra, co-founder & CEO of Hatica.

As engineering teams use dozens of developer tools and rely on manager 1-on-1s, standups, long team meetings and unscheduled catch-ups to align on project progress and discuss blockers, it is extremely challenging for engineering leaders to identify the root cause of developer toil and loss in productivity.

Hatica streamlines this process as the only engineering analytics platform that provides an end-to-end view of software development workflows. It is built on the principles of modern productivity frameworks, like SPACE framework by Github and Microsoft, to deliver accurate metrics across three well-known pillars of developer productivity: velocity, alignment and wellbeing.

It integrates and communicates with all the tools that developers use daily, such as Github, JIRA, CI/CD systems, along with incident management and collaboration apps. Engineering leaders benefit from data-driven management by leveraging these combined insights to uncover bottlenecks, allocate resources efficiently and preempt team burnout.

Hatica’s platform has been making a significant impact on its customers’ value stream and delivery lifecycle. For example, a real estate technology company saw an increase of 55% in maker time (uninterrupted time to code) and adopted a streamlined async approach to remote engineering operations. Another technology company, a social media platform, saw a 50% reduction in cycle time (time to production) by addressing workflow bottlenecks.

Naomi Chopra, co-founder and CEO of Hatica added, “Developers are depending on more and more tools to get their work done while engineering costs are burgeoning, making the developer experience and productivity a critical problem to solve for organisations globally. With Hatica, we’ve embarked a mission to equip engineering leaders with crucial and actionable insights to help them build effective and happy engineering teams. We’ll be utilising the fresh funds to double down on hiring and expand the Hatica team globally to fuel our next phase of growth”.

*Angel investors are Akshay Kothari, Apurva Dalal, Ashutosh Agrawal, Gaurav Lahoti, Punit Soni, Peeyush Ranjan and Pratyus Patnaik.

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