Uber sees resurgence of leisure travelers as Intercity trips rise during weekends

Bangalore February 16 2023: Uber today released its annual travel index ‘Riding with Intercity’, encapsulating travel trends when it came to long-distance trips. The year gone by saw the highest number of Intercity trips being booked on Saturday, followed by Sunday, signaling a clear resurgence of the ‘#wanderlust’ chasers.

Uber Intercity enables riders to book seamless, on-demand intercity trips at the tap of a button, taking care of people’s travel needs for trips beyond their city. With doorstep pickups, digital payment options and in-app safety measures in place, Uber Intercity offers the same efficient, convenient and safe Uber experience, except for a new use case – travel beyond the city.

Having the option to reserve Intercity trips up to 30 days in advance gives riders the chance to use Uber for planned travel, too, beyond the on-demand rides that riders have traditionally used Uber for.

Uber Intercity is now available across over 2,000 routes in India, including popular leisure and business destinations around cities.

The index highlighted key travel trends, including top tourist destinations, popular off-beat routes, and most sought-after days of the week for ‘heading out’. Mumbaikars, for instance, flocked to retreats and wellness centers in Pune, Lonavala, and Alibaug. Bangaloreans chose to explore the Bannerghatta Biological Park and Nandi Hills.

Here’s some of the key highlights from the ‘Riding with Intercity’ index:

Top 5 Intercity Weekend Travel Months

(Top 5 months in 2022 with the highest number of Intercity trips booked during weekends, in no set order)

– April

– May

– June

– October

– December

Top 3 Days of the Week

(Top 3 days of the week with the highest number of Uber Intercity rides in 2022, in decreasing order)


Most Popular Getaways

(The top weekend getaways around major cities, going by Intercity trips booked in 2022, in decreasing order of popularity)


Pune, Lonavala, Alibaug


Bannerghatta Biological Park, Mysore, Nandi Hills


Meerut, Sonipat, Rewari


Thrivallur, Vellore, Puducherry


Medchal, Mehbubnagar, Warangal


Hooghly, Basirhat, Nadia


Delhi, Chomu


Covai, Pallakkad


Patiala, Ludhiana, Solan


Vadodara, Kheda, Anand

Top Uses For Intercity
(Top uses for Intercity going by number of trips booked in 2022, in decreasing order)

Leisure Travel + Family Visits
Business Travel + Meetings
Visits to Places of Worship
Return trips to schools/colleges

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