UFlex’s FlexiTubes: A Wide Selection of Creative and Eco-Friendly Packaging Tubes on Display at Beautyworld Middle East 2023

October 31, 2023, Noida, National Capital Region: FlexiTubes, the packaging tubes manufacturing division of UFlex Ltd., India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solutions company, will showcase its wide range of sustainable and high-performing packaging tubes at Stall No. J-27 at “Beautyworld Middle East 2023”, being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 30 to November 1, 2023.

Tube-packaging forms that are sustainable and customizable have become increasingly popular over time. To help its clients and brands improve the customer experience for their products, UFlex’s FlexiTubes has been at the forefront of creating tailored solutions. FlexiTubes will showcase its extensive collection of tubes at “Beautyworld Middle East 2023,” which are designed under the ABCE principle of “Aesthetics, Barrier, Counterfeit arrest, Eco-friendly.” This concept successfully combines sustainability, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal in a tube packaging style.

FlexiTubes, a leader in fostering innovation in the tube-packing format, will also showcase their paper-based packaging tube, known as “KRAFTIKA”. The idea behind this tube, the first of its kind in this category, was to lessen the overall environmental impact by decreasing the usage of plastics at the source.

With KRAFTIKA, plastic is swapped out with FSC-certified Virgin Kraft paper, which has a high bursting factor, and high moisture resistance, and can help reduce a tube’s body weight by up to 45%. In addition to offering all the characteristics of traditional tubes, KRAFTIKA tubes are environmentally friendly, which increases their acceptance compared to traditional packaging tubes. Even with continued use and a decrease in content, the tube’s overall construction offers outstanding bounce-back qualities and stiffness, preventing the tube from collapsing.

A large selection of FlexiTubes’ environmentally friendly packaging tubes, including ‘REMIKA’, will also be on display.

We at UFlex’s FlexiTubes are delighted to have you visit our booth at J-27, Trade Centre Arena.

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