Ujjivan Small Finance Bank enhances free doorstep banking services for senior citizens and differently-abled customers

Ujjivan SFB enhances doorstep cash pickup and delivery from ₹5,000 to ₹25,000
Senior Citizen and Differently abled customers can avail up to four door-to-door services per month by calling on 1800 208 2121 at no cost

November 06 2023, Bengaluru: Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (Ujjivan SFB), a leading Small Finance Bank in India, announced a significant enhancement to its doorstep banking services, with a special focus on making banking more accessible and convenient for the senior citizens and differently abled customers at no cost. This is in line with the Bank’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and customer-centricity. Currently, over one lakh Ujjivan SFB customers in these categories can avail these services.

Under doorstep banking services, the daily cash pickup and delivery limit per instance is now enhanced to upto ₹25,000. Customers can receive up to four financial services at their doorstep door-to-door services per month without any service charges. The financial services also include cash pick-up & delivery, demand draft delivery and cheque pick-up. In addition, documentation services (non-financial) include profile update, submission of Form 15G/H (TDS relief exemption on term deposit interest), and reissuance of debit cards. These services will be offered within the operational proximity of each branch.

Customers can easily access these services by contacting their bank branches placing their request via 24*7 phone banking in their preferred language at 1800 208 2121 at no cost. The doorstep service requests will be fulfilled on all working days during the business hours.

Mr. Ittira Davis, MD & CEO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, said, “We are committed to delivering solutions that are centered around customers’ needs. This initiative exemplifies our dedication to meeting these requirements, by offering them with a convenient and empowering banking experience. We believe that everyone should have easy access to banking services.”

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