UMX sings about sweet nothings of love in the latest track ‘Dal ke Kinaare’

The Artiste First release is warm tale from the valley that will fill your heart with romance

National, November 30th: Falling head over heels for someone, hiding those feelings inside and exchanging stolen glances! Artiste First captures the innocent and sweet moments of young romance in their latest song, ‘Dal ke Kinaare’.

Featuring UMX and his sublime vocals, ‘Dal ke Kinaare’ represents the shy and unspoken stage of a budding love story, when a boy falls in love with a girl but is unable to express his attraction in words. While the girl does have a hint, both talk through the eyes and play a romantic game of cat and mouse.

Composed and written by UMX, ‘Dal ke Kinaare’ weaves a happy vibe in its music and a fresh feel in its lyrics. The entire song embodies the joy and simplicity of crushing over a special someone. For all those who have gone weak in the knees for their crushes, this tune will hit home in more ways than one.

A rapper, singer, songwriter and composer hailing from Kashmir, Umar Mukhtar, aka UMX, is a much-loved figure in the indie music circuit. The multi-talented musician is famous for his innovative approach to the craft and his vibrant tunes that explore an array of genres.

‘Dal ke Kinaare’ is accompanied by a serene music video that extends the theme of the song. Shot in the radiant and virgin valleys of Kashmir, it is an eye-catching combination of stunning visuals and catchy music. Starring UMX and actress Muskan Siddiqui, the video is underlined by their real and relatable performances. A social media star with an Instagram following of above 3 million, Muskan’s cute and breezy chemistry with UMX is also a key highlight. Directed by Mir Faizah under the production company Renzu Music, the video has as much repeat value as the song itself. A creative maverick with a flair for crafting frames and telling stories, Mir has perfectly depicted the butterflies of new romance in the music video.

Talking about his latest musical endeavour, UMX said, “Dal ke Kinaare is local in its flavor but universal in its theme. When we are young, each one of us feels our heart skip a beat for someone. We may be unable to open up to that person, but the attraction keeps growing. This is the tale I wanted to tell with this song, and I am looking forward to how the world reacts to my latest work”.

Sharing his thoughts on the song, Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder of Artiste First, said, “Dal ke Kinaare is an expression of love from the beautiful setting of Kashmir. UMX is one of those talents who always brings something new to the table, and his latest manages to be an old-school romantic tune as well as a new-age love track. As a music label, we have always strived to support innovation and identity, and Dal ke Kinaare is the perfect addition to our diverse library of tunes”.

With ‘Dal ke Kinaare’, love sure seems to be in the air! May it be the alluring essence of the song or the visual appeal of the official music video, this is the perfect track to play while conveying your feelings to that special someone.

The song ‘Dal ke Kinaare’ is now available on all leading platforms. The official music video is live on YouTube.

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