Uncontrolled blood sugar levels found in 35% of people tested for diabetes in Delhi NCR: BeatO

National, 19th April 2023: Over 35% of the people who were tested at free diabetes screening camps organised by BeatO in Delhi NCR region were found to have uncontrolled blood sugar levels. 84% of those who took the test at BeatO camps didn’t know of their diabetes status and out of these, one third were found with uncontrolled blood sugar levels. BeatO – a comprehensive digital diabetes care platform has been conducting free-of-cost diabetes camps across the national capital in areas like Pitampura, Rohini, Lawrence Road, Noida, among many others, and has tested more than 20,000 people through these camps since March 2023.

The staggering numbers bring forward an eye-opening condition of undetected diabetes and lack of awareness in people about their blood sugar levels in Delhi NCR. A random blood sugar test of more than 200 mg/dL or higher indicates you have diabetes. Of all the people tested (at random) who had uncontrolled sugar levels of <90 mg/dL or >160 mg/dL, 80% belonged to the age group of 36 & above and 20% of the people who were below the age of 36 had uncontrolled readings.

According to the post-analytic data, 45% of women of age 46 & above were found with uncontrolled blood sugar levels and 43% of men of age 46 & above found with uncontrolled levels as well, pointing to hyperglycemia in the majority. Undetected high blood sugar or hyperglycemia that lasts, even if it’s not severe, can lead to health problems that affect the eyes, kidneys, nerves and heart.

BeatO ensures that their certified diabetes educators are present at these camps to give on-the-spot counselling to those who are unprepared or distressed by their test results and have questions that need to be addressed. The educators provide proper guidance and counsel people on how to take the right steps to control their sugar levels and avoid diabetes and its related complications. Diet, exercise and lifestyle counselling is also provided at these camps.

Even people who were aware of their diabetes status displayed high or out-of-control readings with nearly half the pre-diabetics having out-of-range readings. Over 60% of people who already knew that they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes had out-of-range readings showing that proper adherence to keep sugar levels in check is not being followed by them.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Gautam Chopra, the CEO and Founder of BeatO said “Delhi is a mirror of the nation at large. We at BeatO strongly believe that diabetes care and management is a consequence of adequate awareness and timely detection. Pre-diabetes has emerged as a colossal problem, especially among the youth. Being an asymptomatic condition, it is necessary to go the extra mile to identify individuals with prediabetes. Early screening and timely detection of prediabetes are becoming increasingly important to fight this condition.”

BeatO has been organizing free diabetes camps across Delhi, to raise awareness about routine blood sugar testing. On a mission to spread awareness about diabetes care and management, BeatO will continue to hold camps across the national capital in areas and seek partnerships with corporates, RWAs and institutions. The data is based on a retrospective data analysis of tests conducted on more than 20,000 people across Delhi NCR who voluntarily got their random blood sugar levels checked at the BeatO-free diabetes camps.

As per Dr. Navneet Agrawal, the Chief Clinical Officer at BeatO, the high incidence of diabetes and the growing risk can largely be attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, Delhi has undergone rapid urbanization in recent years, leading to lifestyle pattern changes. This has contributed to a higher prevalence of diabetes. A high intake of junk food, sugar-sweetened beverages, and processed foods, coupled with a desk-bound sedentary lifestyle leading to little or no physical activity is a major reason for skyrocketing cases of diabetes in Delhi.

Studies reveal that nearly 57% of adults with diabetes in India are undiagnosed. Currently, 25.2 million adults are estimated to have impaired glucose tolerance, which is estimated to increase to 35.7 million in the year 2045. To help raise awareness about diabetes & early screening for the condition in the capital of the nation, BeatO is organizing regular free diabetes check-up camps across Delhi NCR.

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