Unique sustainability modules of Blue Nudge to reach over 5000 schools in 5 years

New Delhi 10 August, 2023: Having already collaborated with more than 1000 schools across the country in less than two years, the unique need-based modules of Education to Action platform, Blue Nudge, is targeting to extend its reach to 5000+ schools in five years, covering all states of India. The strategy of the Blue Nudge module revolves around combining storytelling with real-life actions. By reflecting on current scenarios and implementing tangible measures, the company eyes to create an impactful learning experience that inspire individuals to take action for positive change in waste management and environmental sustainability.

“Within a short span of time, our sustainability modules have witnessed a positive response from schools and parents who eagerly embrace our platform. There is a clear demand for promoting waste management and environmental sustainability in education. Going forward, we anticipate our modules will foster a sense of environmental responsibility and empower a proactive generation to address waste management challenges and build a sustainable future,” noted Co-founder and CEO of Blue Nudge, Harsh Mehrotra.

Blue Nudge embarked on the mission to integrate sustainability with the academic curriculum, and the organization’s collaborations with educational institutions have had a profound impact on inspiring young minds to become change-makers for a sustainable future. Blue Nudge has also partnered with the Department of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, to implement a waste management drive in over 1000 government schools.

Furthermore, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued a circular for Delhi/NCR, endorsing Blue Nudge’s approach and further spreading the message of environmental responsibility among the student community. Blue Nudge’s strategic collaboration with the Delhi – S&T Cluster of PSA, facilitated the company to extend its drive to colleges affiliated with Delhi University, reaching even more students and empowering them to actively participate in waste management efforts. Collectively, these collaborations resulted in the collection of over 50+ tonnes of dry waste, including paper and plastic, and played a pivotal role in inspiring a new generation of environmentally-conscious individuals.

Highlighting the impacts of Blue Nudge’s sustainability modules, Mr Mehrotra mentioned, “A tangible measure of success is seen in students actively participating in the process of bringing dry waste back to school, which is then up-cycled into school benches and donated to government schools. While behavior change is a long-term process, we take pride in the efforts made by both students and parents in contributing to waste management, showcasing their growing awareness and commitment to creating a sustainable future.”

As a part of Blue Nudge’s sustainability programs, over 5,00,000 students started practicing source segregation at home and brought segregated waste in the form of plastic and paper into school. Blue Nudge’s immersive dedication to the waste management field was also recognized by NITI Aayog, as they selected its initiative as one of the top 75 ideas under their Mission Life. This recognition further validates the company’s commitment to fostering a climate-conscious society. Notably, Blue Nudge also expanded its drive to include prominent forces like the National Security Guard (NSG) and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

About Blue Nudge

Blue Nudge is an Education to Action platform which drives sustainable education and Collective Responsibility Drive in over 1064+ schools, reaching out to more than 10,62,850+ students and having Nudged 15930+ supportive teachers. The company focuses on community engagement and behavioral change to address environmental challenges. Blue Nudge aims at instilling a sense of responsibility in students towards their planet and environment and encourages them to take up sustainability as a way of living.

Blue Nudge intends to integrate waste management, sustainability and academic curriculums. It is a simple yet effective way to reach the basic unit of a society, a household. Through these students/learners/individuals Blue Nudge connects with families to encourage sustainable living and better management of waste.

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