Unite with Moj on World Music Day and Celebrate the Universal Language of Music!

Brand Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zjq3_2eK-k

In a diverse world with varying languages, cultures, and borders that divide, there exists a remarkable force that surpasses all barriers: MUSIC. With its immense power, music has the capacity to bring forth joy, happiness, and a profound sense of unity among individuals from every background. Regardless of spoken language or embraced culture, music resonates deeply within every heart and soul. It forges connections between individuals, stirs emotions, and gives rise to indelible memories that transcend the limits of language.

This World Music Day, Moj- India’s largest short video app, is all set to set the stage on fire with an electrifying celebration by embracing the mesmerizing theme of “Music Needs No Language”. The captivating brand film showcases the sheer beauty and diversity of music in India featuring the soul-stirring rendition from Saregama’s vast music library like Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana in Bengali by the extraordinary Moj talent, Shubhadeep Bose. The enchanting voice of Romi Mukherjee in her Bengali version of Zara Zara takes you on a magical journey. Jashan Preet Masih mesmerizes us with his energetic Punjabi performance of Roop Tera Mastana, followed by Mount Mullick’s captivating Bengali rendition of the same song. Brace yourself for more musical marvels, such as Jagtar Singh’s talented Punjabi rendition of Tumko Dekha Toh Yeh Khayal Aaya, and Roger Gabriel’s electrifying Tamil version of the crowd favourite, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. The brand film is a testament to the universal power of music, transcending language barriers and bringing people together in a harmonious celebration. It is an enchanting showcase of talent, where these gifted artists lend their voices to create a truly magical experience.

Alongside an impressive lineup of performances, Moj extends an invitation to its users to engage in the thrilling in-app challenge, #MusicDay. This challenge serves as a platform for users to showcase their musical talents and immerse themselves in the captivating content crafted by gifted individuals hailing from diverse regions. It presents an opportunity to witness the extraordinary musical abilities thriving within the Moj community and forge connections with fellow music enthusiasts around the globe. Moreover, throughout the week-long celebration, Moj will host a series of live performances on Moj Live. Renowned artists such as Meghna Mishra, Varsha Singh Dhanoa, Varun Jain, and Charu Semwal will enthrall audiences with their soul-stirring renditions and high-energy acts. These artists have made a profound impact on the music industry and are poised to deliver unforgettable experiences to viewers.

Embark on a remarkable journey with Moj during the World Music Day celebration from 19th to 23rd June. Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting magic and boundless joy of music, as you connect with a vibrant global community of music enthusiasts. Brace yourself to be inspired by exceptional talent from all corners of the world. This celebration guarantees an unforgettable experience for all participants, leaving lasting memories etched in your heart.

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