Universal Robots to Showcase Versatile Industry Leading Solutions to 50,000 at India’s Largest Automation & Instrumentation Exhibition

Through trusted local partners, the Danish leaders in collaborative robots will exhibit their various solutions and applications at the nation’s economic capital

India, 25th August 2023 — Universal Robots (UR), Danish leaders in collaborative robots (cobots), will be showcasing their versatile and easy-to-use automated solutions through three partners at Automation Expo Mumbai 2023. Held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, four different UR cobots will be on show to some 50,000 visitors who will be attending the 16th edition of the expo.

Five UR cobots – the UR3e, UR5, UR5e, UR 10, and UR10e, will be showcasing their versatility in the realm of industrial automation with different applications on show. A total of six different applications will be performed by the cobots, with mirror movement, machine tending, welding, palletising, surface finishing, and quality inspection to be performed at the exhibition.

Cobots on Display

UR3e: With a remarkable payload capacity of up to 3 kg and a compact footprint of just 128 mm, the UR3e is perfectly suited for confined workspaces such as bench-tops or inside machinery for light assembly applications. At the event, the UR3e showcased its vision capabilities by demonstrating intricate pick and place tasks, accentuating its adeptness at sorting various objects with varying orientations.

UR5e: Recognized for its versatility, the UR5e boasts a payload capacity of 5 kg, making it ideal for medium-duty applications requiring ultimate flexibility. Fitted with a screw driving end-effector, the UR5e showcased its capabilities covering the entire screw driving process – from pick up to insertion. With the added extension, this cobot can complete the task of inserting 6 screws in less than a minute, even in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. It also detects missing screws and effectively communicates the screw insertion status to human co-workers through visual and audible signals, ensuring reliable, flexible, and secure operations.

UR10e: Engineered for versatility, the UR10e boasts a payload capacity of up to 12.5 kg, a lengthy reach of 1,300 mm, and a 6-axis robot arm, making it a perfect fit for a wide array of repetitive applications. The UR10e exhibited its prowess by performing material handling tasks using a fitted gripper, effectively relieving workers from repetitive and heavy lifting tasks.

Commenting on the expo Mr. Sougandh K.M, Country Manager of India said, “In the midst of India’s manufacturing sector’s evolution, marked by innovation and technological strides, robotics industry has seen an exceptional growth, With the rise of Industry 4.0 and automation becoming the cornerstone of progress, the manufacturing landscape is well-equipped for the integration of collaborative robots.”

According to reports, the India Industrial Automation Market size is expected to grow from US$ 13.23 billion this year to US$25.76 by 2028, highlighting the growing importance of the sector, compounded by the various initiatives set out by the government to encourage manufacturing in India.

Mr. Sougandh further added, “With growing local manufacturing and government support, automation is a vital aspect for the progress, Universal Robots recognizes this momentum and envisions collaborative robots as the future workforce catalyst. This expo provides a unique stage to showcase our advancements, connect with industry leaders, and foster manufacturing excellence into a new era.”

Keen to find out more? Catch our cobots at our partner booths at the Bombay Exhibition Centre—Hall 1, Stall 1-4 to find out more about the versatile solutions they offer!

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