University of Greenwich invites application for MSc program in Transformative Change for Sustainable Development through Fateh Education

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July 11, 2022: In today’s world, it important for everyone to realize what role they play when it comes to tackling the global challenges. Surprisingly, Gen Z is at the forefront of this matter. They are more concerned about Sustainability, Global Warming and Climate Change than any other generation and are trying their very best to bring about change. The MSc course in Transformative Change for Sustainable Development, offered by the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), University of Greenwich provides a timely response to these pressing, global challenges. The MSc program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of Development Studies theory and the myriad of valuable lessons from development practice.  Drawing on carefully selected examples from a variety of domains (economic, environmental, social, and institutional), sectors (agri-food, energy, education, and financial services) and contexts (developing and developed countries), students will gain an in-depth understanding of innovative transformative initiatives and of whether and why they succeeded or failed.

Speaking about the course and its contemporary importance, Mr. Suneet Singh KocharCEO of Fateh Education said, “The MSc program Transformative Change for Sustainable Development  helps students develop the capacity to critically discuss, analyse, and evaluate the harsh reality of our environment and sustainable goals. Since the course is crafted keeping SDGs in mind, I believe students will develop some hands-on skills to address the global issues we are facing currently. The course tends to enhance the analytical, communication, networking and community-engagement skills of the students, some qualities which are a MUST especially when you are training Changemakers of the future.”

According to Prof Vegard Iversen at NRI, “We know a great deal about what the world’s sustainable development challenges are, know reasonably well what needs to change for these challenges to be overcome, but know much less about how to make these changes happen. Who can lead such changes? What skills and abilities do they need? What strategies can lead to successful transformative changes? Unlike ours, very few MSc courses on sustainable development pay attention to these questions”.

Program Date and Delivery: One year course to be taught in-person at University of Greenwich, Medway Campus.

Entry Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree with a minimum of 65% in Final Year (However, if graduating from one of the top universities: Mumbai University, Savitribai Phule Pune University (Pune University), Calcutta University, Delhi University, Bangalore University and Madras University; a minimum of 60% in final year is required)
  • 75% in English in Standard XII or English language requirements

Application process and admission details:  Students shall approach Fateh Education ( for guidance on the admission process and submission of applications within the deadline.

Tuition:  £15,100

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