Unleashing Triumph: Justdial’s Empowerment Drives Chennai’s MSME Boom!

Chennai, 14th August, 2023: India’s MSME sector experiences remarkable growth, with 96% anticipating increased profits in 2023, as per NeoGrowth(a digital lender supporting MSMEs) study. Among the key contributors is Tamil Nadu, housing five million MSMEs and serving as Chennai’s empowering hub.

Within this thriving and optimistic economic landscape, Chennai shines as an opportune hub for small businesses seeking digital empowerment. Justdial, a distinguished local search engine, plays a pivotal role as a strategic ally, unlocking avenues for expansion and ensuring success for MSMEs in Chennai.

Recalling his transformational experience with Justdial, Sandy, the owner of Sandy Sofa and Repair, Chennai said, “My friends suggested me to promote my business through Justdial, and it turned out to be a game-changer. I witnessed a surge in quality leads. With Justdial’s support, I expanded my business, garnered numerous satisfied clients, and am now planning to open two new shops.” He credits Justdial’s impactful presence for motivating his business’s growth.

Deepika, the proprietor of Asa Batteries, Chennai faced the initial struggles that come with setting up a new business. She reminisced, “At the beginning, we had our fair share of start-up hurdles, but we knew we had to find a way to tackle them. Initially, we approached Justdial with some uncertainty, starting with a basic investment. However, as time went on, we realised that Justdial played a crucial role in our survival and growth.” In a span of just two years, ASA Batteries blossomed into a thriving enterprise, steadily making strides in the battery industry. “A heartfelt thanks to Justdial for being an indispensable part of our journey,” Deepika remarked.

Nirmal Prasath, associated with Justdial since 2013, takes pride in the decade-long partnership. He shared, “I started from ground zero and witnessed a remarkable journey of growth, thanks to the quality leads I received from Justdial due to which acquiring customers became effortless. Taking contracts with Justdial has been an absolute delight, and it has played a significant role in building my business from just one lead a day to now receiving 15 leads per day across various business profiles.”

Applauding Justdial’s unwavering support for the past 16 years, Steffi, manager at Rashi Powers, shared, “We have been registered with Justdial for nearly two decades now.” She further explained that the platform has been instrumental in bolstering their success and connecting them with valuable clients, “When customers search for Generator hiring or service on Justdial, we receive the enquiry the very next second through mail or message. Thanks to Justdial, we have been able to effectively serve our customers and grow our business.”

As Chennai’s small businesses continue to thrive, Justdial stands as a steadfast and trusted partner, driving them towards success.These inspiring success stories from Chennai are a testament to Justdial’s integral role in transforming ventures and fostering their growth.

With a legacy spanning more than 2 decades, Justdial has established itself as a reliable ally, guiding and supporting the thriving MSME sector in Chennai. Through seamless connections and transformative solutions, Justdial continues to be the driving force behind the growth and prosperity of Chennai’s enterprising spirit.

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