Unravel the Secrets to 5772% Profit: Exclusive Interview with Bybit’s WSOT Champion Maksim

Media OutReach – 23 October 2023 – Ever wondered how the world’s top crypto traders leverage their strategies to achieve outstanding returns?
Bybit, the platform behind the prestigious World Series of Trading (WSOT) competition, is thrilled to unveil an exclusive interview with this year’s champion trader, Maksim, who netted an astounding 5772% profit in just 30 days!

As the spearhead of the triumphant Openworld trading squad, Maksim’s passion for trading extends beyond profit — it’s about the thrill of the game. As he candidly reveals in the interview, the exhilarating structure of a trading tournament inspired him to adopt riskier strategies that wouldn’t be conceivable in traditional setups.
This year’s WSOT event, which saw a jaw-dropping $70.5 billion trading volume, was bigger and better than ever, drawing an audience of 120,000 traders from 188 countries. A testament to its global appeal and the potential for crypto traders to elevate their skills in a competitive arena.
Delving into Maksim’s journey, the trading maestro sheds light on the role of AI in the trading landscape, likening its use to a chess game, enhancing human skills rather than replacing them. His perspective on price discovery being a human-centric process is bound to stir thoughts and discussions in the trading community.
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Unearth the strategies, mindset, and choices that propelled Maksim to the top of the crypto trading world.
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