Vernacular short news app Way2News forays into hyperlocal coverage in Tamil Nadu

Way2News, a popular and trusted short news app, expands its hyperlocal coverage in the Tamil language

July 21st, 2022- Chennai/ New Delhi- Tamil Nadu’s popular and trusted vernacular short news app, Way2News, started its hyperlocal news coverage in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, July 20th, 2022.

Way2news has launched its hyperlocal coverage in Tamil Nadu with news contributed by citizen journalists from every taluk and village across the state.

Currently, 550 active stringers across Tamil Nadu are contributing 1,000–1,500 hyperlocal, taluk-level, and community-based news stories per day from even the smallest of villages in the state, making it a de-facto platform for citizen journalists in Tamil Nadu.

In a year, Way2News aims to increase its user base to cover 100% of taluks and over 50% of the villages in Tamil Nadu. With its eye keen on hyperlocal news, in a year, it aims to expand its citizen journalist pool to add up to 30,000 reporters who will cover the state in-depth.

“We are excited to launch the hyperlocal coverage on Way2News from Tamil Nadu. Our goal is to report unique and untold stories from every taluk and increase our user base across every village in the state. Our mobile-first, crowdsourced news platform, coupled with smarter AI-based quality checks, is revolutionary and proven,” said V. Sai Kalyan, business head of Tamil Nadu.

In June 2022, Way2News raised an impressive $16.75 million as part of its Series-A round from investors WestBridge Capital, and part of this money will be used for expansion in the state of Tamil Nadu.

“The launch of our hyperlocal coverage in Tamil is a step towards expanding our user base in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu doesn’t have a truly hyperlocal player, and Way2News will fill this gap. We endeavour to become the voice of every local reporter in the state,” said Prabhakar Valluri, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Way2News.

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