VESCOA signs MOU with Wood from Finland and Lab University of Applied Sciences, pioneering sustainable education.

Mumbai, December 2023: Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Architecture (VESCOA) proudly announces a ground-breaking collaboration with Wood from Finland (WFF) and Lab University of Applied Sciences (LUAS), aimed at fostering sustainable education pathways and innovative learning experiences for its students. Through these partnerships, VESCOA is offering online certificate and diploma programs, without any fees, to students enrolled in architecture and interior design courses, aiming to enrich their educational journey and broaden their understanding of sustainability in the field.

Wood from Finland (WFF), renowned for its forest environment program, offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing six nature management measures aligned with the Finnish Forest Act and forest certification schemes. Students pursuing degrees in architecture or diplomas in interior design simultaneously engage in this coursework, earning credits integral to their future endeavours.

Simultaneously, VESCOA has joined hands with Lab University of Applied Sciences (LUAS), an institution specializing in innovation and boasting strengths in the circular economy, design, innovations, and health. VESCOA students have seized the opportunity to enroll in the 1-year diploma program of Circular Economy Sustainable Solutions, provided by LUAS through online education modules. Completion of this diploma course opens doors for students to pursue a degree program, involving a one-year residential curriculum at LUAS’s Lathi campus.

Speaking on the development, Dr. Prof. Anand Achari – Principal, VESCOA said, “This initiative reflects VESCOA’s dedication to providing students with a comprehensive educational journey that integrates sustainability and innovation. Through these partnerships, we aim to empower our students with diverse skill sets and a profound understanding of sustainable practices, preparing them to shape a more sustainable future.”

VESCOA has committed to enrolling 80 to 100 students annually in the complimentary courses offered by WFF. WFF offers courses in Wood for Finland (India), Sustainable Solution Engineering, and Climate Change, totalling 15, 65, and 5 credits respectively. According to the NEP 2020 education system, students are required to finish MOOC online courses and gather credits within the Academic Bank Credits (ABC) system. This initiative empowers students to foster innovative perspectives toward future sustainability approaches.

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