Vested Finance launches first of its kind ‘DIY Vest Championship’ to encourage investors to create their own US stocks portfolio & win up to $5,000

● The unique four-week long marketing campaign will help familiarize new investors with the world’s largest stock market

● Participants will have a chance to win daily as well as weekly prizes along with a final championship prize

● 7,000 users have already created over 11,000 DIY Vests on the platform since the feature was launched in April 2022

India, July 26th, 2022: Vested Finance, a leading US investment platform that enables Indian investors to invest in the US stock market, has launched the DIY Vest Championship from July 25, 2022, onwards. This four-week long campaign is designed to create awareness among Indian investors about investing in the US stock markets.

Vests are curated portfolios comprising stocks and/or ETFs with different goals or themes in mind. As the name suggests, DIY Vests are Vests that users can create on their own. Through these Vests, users can easily track specific strategies and share them with others. They can use the Vests as custom watch-lists too. Users can invest in the Vests they create and easily rebalance them by assigning weights. The campaign is a first of its kind, and to take part, participants need to keep the following points in mind:

● Participants need not only be existing customers of Vested Finance. Anyone can participate in the DIY Vest championship with three simple steps: Sign-up on the Vested platform, build the personalized DIY Vest, and submit the entry on this page:

● Each participant will have to create their personalized Vest with up to 10 US stocks and/or ETFs of their choice

● There are daily prizes, weekly prizes, and championship prizes. The daily prize is based on Vest views. The weekly and championship prizes will depend on multiple factors like returns, views, number of stocks in the Vest, etc. While the Vest with the highest number of views wins $15 daily, there are 10 prizes to be won every week worth $2,000. There are championship prizes for the first 20 winners, with the first prize of $1,000.

● The winnings will be credited to the participant’s Vested account, and it is up to them if they choose to invest in the US markets or withdraw the amount

Mr. Viram Shah, Co-Founder, and CEO of Vested Finance, said, “We are super excited to announce the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Vest Championship challenge for our users. The US market is the largest equity market in the world, with a market capitalization of over USD 40 trillion, and provides a huge opportunity for investing in diverse sectors and geographical diversification of portfolios for Indian investors. Users’ enthusiasm for creating and investing in DIY Vests proves that Indian investors have matured considerably and can build customized portfolios with their own research when it comes to investing in US markets. Through this championship, investors will now be able to gain more confidence about creating their custom portfolios.”

In March 2022, Vested launched Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Vests, letting users create their own portfolios and invest in them. By the end of the June quarter, about 7,000 users had created over 11,000 DIY Vests on the platform.

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