Victoria Facelift Clinches Her World Spa Award For Best Skin-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment in Singapore

Media OutReach – 5 October 2022 – The battle against ageing skin is one constantly waged, with many turning solely to luxury cosmetics in search of an effective solution. However, those in Singapore looking to repair skin ageing symptoms can simply visit Victoria Facelift for
skincare treatments with
proven results.

Her World Spa Awards was first created in 2011 to bring the top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle options to Singapore’s modern women. This year’s selection of the best facial treatments in Singapore sees an impressive suite of facial options for numerous nuanced needs, with Victoria Facelift winning two distinct awards for the best skin-rejuvenating and eye-lifting facial treatments.
The former was given to Victoria Facelift for their highly regarded
Power-Lift Facial Treatment, which has been featured in several major publications over the years. Leveraging unique anti-ageing formulation and state-of-the-art machinery, Victoria’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment repairs ageing skin through means that are entirely non-invasive, while providing instant, visible results and healthy, glowing skin.
Those looking to naturally regain younger-looking skin can simply visit Victoria Facelift for their award-winning Power-Lift Facial Treatment at any of their
locations in Singapore.
The Victoria Power-Lift Facial Treatment
Surgical facelift procedures have surged in popularity, with countless women and men alike opting to go under the knife for an improved facial contour and diminished fine lines and wrinkles. However, invasive procedures such as injections and fillers can cause swelling, bruising, and pain, while yielding results that look stiff and unnatural with frozen facial muscles and complexions that remain rough and dry.
Victoria’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment, on the other hand, gives natural, younger-looking skin and radiant, hydrated complexions that come along with no negative side-effects whatsoever. Instead, replacing the common cons are the stimulation of natural collagen production and instant V-lift and wrinkle reduction via thoroughly relaxing facial sessions.
The unique formula used in Victoria’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment comprises of powerful antioxidants and skin peptides—such as hydrolysed collagen, hibiscus abelmoschus seed extract, and epidermal growth factor proteins—that effectively repair ageing skin, tighten saggy skin, and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.
Sophisticated microcurrent machines are also used in conjunction with the special formulation to penetrate ingredients deeper into the skin’s layers, thereby activating skin cells to build up elasticity for that youthful firmness and bouncier skin.
Personalised for the Best Possible Results
Victoria’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment is more than a generic facial service that merely promises results; it entails a customised service and solution that is personalised for each customer’s nuanced needs and consist of the following:

One-on-one consultation with a professional skincare consultant

Computerised skin scans that identify root causes of each individual’s skin problems

Customised Power-Lift Facial Treatment sessions with systematic targeting of identified causation points

Constant monitoring and adaptation throughout the course of the treatment programme.

Ageing skin concerns that can be treated via Victoria’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment include:

Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow feet

Loose, sagging skin

Wide, prominent jawline

Double chin

Dehydrated Skin

Water retention

On top of their award-winning Power-Lift Facial Treatment, Victoria Facelift also offers
eye-lifting facial treatments,
skin hydration facial treatments, and their very own
skincare products such as the
V-Lift Cream that complements their signature Power-Lift Facial Treatment for enhanced results. You can also
check out Victoria Facelift reviews here.
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