Vikas Jaiswal Makes Bihar Proud By Winning Indian Young Achievers’ Award

There are many people who attribute their lack of success to not getting proper facilities or enough opportunities in life. When you read about the success story of Vikas Jaiswal, you realize that no hurdle is big enough to stop you if you are determined to achieve something important in life.

Born in a small village named Hawaspur in the Patori region closer to Samastipur in Bihar, Vikas didn’t have access to the kind of amenities city dwellers have but he had big dreams in his eyes and was willing to work hard to achieve them. His eventful journey as an entrepreneur has now brought him a much-deserving reward in the form of the Young Achievers’ Award which he recently won.

Expressing his gratitude for getting this award, Vikas says, “When I held the Young Achievers’ Award in my hand, tears welled up in my eyes and for a while, I was not sure what to say. All those memories of struggle and hardships started rushing through my mind and I became extremely emotional. With this award, I feel the responsibility to do better as an entrepreneur and a human being. I dedicate this award to my motherland Bihar and my beloved nation India.”

After spending most of his life and receiving basic education in a small village, Vikas had a taste of city life for the first time when he reached Delhi, the capital city of India, to do his BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration course at the International School of Business and Media. After scoring a high rank in his BBA studies, Vikas went on to pursue his MBA from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad to study MBA. While Vikas went through a great amount of struggle to receive proper education and find opportunities, he firmly believes the difficult times he faced shaped him into the individual he is today.

Speaking about the hurdles he faced, Vikas states, “When I started out as an entrepreneur, things were much different. There was no start-up ecosystem in the country. Now, of course, things have changed for the better and the rapid growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs across the different states in the country serves as a testimony to this fact. I faced a lot of challenges in my journey but each and every hardship contributed to my growth as an entrepreneur. A lack of resources strengthens you as a person. I value the struggle as much as I cherish my achievements.”

Back in the day, Vikas’ quest for growth and new opportunities led him towards working with a US-based mobile video startup. He was associated with the company for a period of four years and this proved to be a turning point for him. During his tenure, he developed a bunch of popular apps that proved to be milestone innovations in their space. With time, he gained a lot of experience and the confidence to launch his own company.

“Whenever a young individual approaches me and asks me to share some tips to achieve success as an entrepreneur, I tell them to remember one word that is ‘hustle’. Though I have been around for a while and seen a lot of success, I am still hustling every day to execute the next exciting idea I have playing around in my mind. As an entrepreneur, you can afford to rest for a while but you should never think about quitting. If one idea has failed to take off, work on another one. We learn more from our failures than our successes”, he says.

Vikas’ company has been working actively towards developing innovative apps and structuring path-breaking digital marketing activities. At the moment, three of the apps developed by him namely, Daily Quotes, Skooler, and Samachar are live on the Play Store. Apart from propelling the growth of his own business forward, Vikas has provided his guidance to several budding entrepreneurs and helped them set up successful businesses

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