Vinita Chatterjee creates history, becomes the First Female Indian Artist to launch an Original Music Video in the Metaverse

Disney and Star Tv Lead Actress, Rapper & Bengal’s favourite “Mem Bou” Vinita Chatterjee becomes the first Female Indian Artist to Launch an Original Music Video in the Metaverse.  She is also the First Bengali Actor-Singer-Rapper in the world of Metaverse.

The song “Love You Mom” is the debut english song of Vinita Chatterjee, a journalist turned Metaverse evangelist. Vinita is also the lyricist, composer and singer of the song.

The song is also available in Vinita’s youtube channel “Vinnie Diaries”.

Here is the link.

This song is launched on the Metaverse Platform NextMeet. Here is link of the music launch in the metaverse on 12 February, 2022.

The Founder and CEO Of NextMeet, Pushpak Kypuram said, “NextMeet is really exited for enabling the first Indian music video launch by a female Indian artist. Its start of an era in which the music industry is embracing Metaverse, where artists can reach across the globe and interact with live audience in realtime”.

“This song has a universal appeal and I hope it will touch everyone’s heart. This is a tribute to all the mothers in the world”, says Vinita,  at the launch of her debut English song in the Metaverse.

She also added, “My mother is my hero and my ultimate inspiration. I wrote this song as a child, in the third standard, for my mom’s birthday. This year I wanted to launch this song in the Metaverse to give her a surprise before her birthday. This song is a special song close to my heart dedicated to my mother, an ex-army veteran who served the nation for over 40 years, in the ministry of defence.”

Vinita is a well-known face of Indian Television, renowned for the Star Tv series “MemBou” which is currently ongoing on Disney Hotstar. Her ensconced role as Carol Brown, a British girl in the tv series earned her the Best Actor in Comedy Award from Star Jalsa Parivar Awards 2017 and made her a common household name in the Bengali circle across the world.

There is an interesting fact about her. Vinita has a royal heritage. She comes from the royal family of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Ray of Bengal. So not only a Disney princess or Bengal’s “Mem Sahib”, it seems we discovered a real life princess too. Vinita has earlier made her Bollywood music debut with singer Shaan.

She is also the First Female Bengali Rapper in the World with her viral Rap song “Apna Time Aagaya” featured on the top global platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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