VisionIAS Organizes Education Conclave on New Education Policy: Inspiring Innovation and Competency based learning in School Education in India

On 15th April, InfinityVision, a venture of VisionIAS, successfully organized an education conclave on the topic New Education Policy: Inspiring Innovation and Competency based learning in School Education in India at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. The event brought together people from various walks of life including educationists, school principals, teachers, mentors, and parents to discuss the opportunities presented by the New Education Policy (NEP).

The conclave was graced by Shri (Brig.) L.C. Patnaik, Ex President SSB board, Ex Chairman Odisha Public Service Commission; Shri (Dr.) V.P. Yadav, Chairman, Board of School Education Haryana; and Shri Yuvraj Malik, Director, National Book Trust, as dignitaries on the dias.

The event commenced with a lamp lightening ceremony and felicitation of all the distinguished dignitaries by Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, Director Ajayvision Education Pvt. Ltd.

Thereafter, the speakers at the event delved deep into the various aspects of the NEP, with Brig. L.C. Patnaik highlighting the role played by teachers and soldiers in shaping the destiny of the nation. He discussed how India, once known as a producer of knowledge has become a net consumer of it, requires immediate attention at various levels of policy making and execution.

While tracing the evolution of India’s education journey since independence, Brig. Patnaik focused on 4 E’s, namely, Expansion, Equity, Excellence, and Employment. He recognized that while India had already achieved the first two E’s with near universal enrollment in school education and greater equity across socio-economic backgrounds, the attainment of remaining two E’s, viz Excellence and Employment, will be accomplished through the successful implementation of the New Education Policy. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of entrepreneurial pedagogy and value-based education in shaping the future of the education system.

Thereafter, Dr. V. P. Yadav explained the critical components of the NEP which included emphasis on multilingualism, need for innovation, skill development, vocational education, and competency based learning. He stressed upon the need to imbue Indian values in our education system and the need behind giving adequate weightage to our rich cultural heritage in school curriculum. He also highlighted the glorious history of Sanskrit language, its literature and importance of its propagation to the future generations.

Later on, Shri Yuvraj Malik emphasized on the importance of Competence-based learning in the present education system in India. According to him, innovation in teaching methodology and curriculum is the key solution to reduce high dropout rates in schools. Shri Malik further recommended bridging the academia-industry gap and introducing early vocational studies including internships to foster a culture of innovation and creative thinking among Indian youth. He exhorted all the educators present at the conclave to adopt innovative pedagogy to meaningfully engage the students to improve their learning outcomes and also shared real life examples from his own experiences. He laid specific emphasis on the need for inculcating book reading habits among children from an early age and the role played by parents and teachers in the development of such habits.

In the penultimate part of the conclave, participants engaged the panel members through a question-answer session to know the various nuances of the NEP and its implementation in schools across the country.

Towards the end, Shri Ajay Kumar Singh delivered the vote of thanks and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the dignitaries, esteemed guests, and all the participants for giving their precious time and making the event a success. He expressed his confidence in the ability of young minds in solving real life challenges through innovation and creativity. Shri Ajay Kumar Singh mentioned books as the true friend of students and emphasized on developing book reading habits among students from a young age.

All the participants, including the panelists heartfeltly commended the efforts of Infinity Vision and VisionIAS to ignite a passion for learning, logical thinking, and enhanced problem-solving abilities among students through the state-of-the-art research, training and innovation system through its various initiatives and programs.

The Education Conclave on New Education Policy: Inspiring Innovation and Competency based learning in School Education in India was a successful event that brought together domain experts and multiple stakeholders to discuss the implementation of New Education Policy and future of school education in India.

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