Visitor Guard offers Insurance for travelers to the US with Omicron coverage

Glen Allen, VA, February 4, 2021: Indian tourists need travel insurance with Omicron coverage while traveling to the US.

Travel insurance is one of the best ways to protect your trip from unexpected medical situations. Various plans are designed to offer varying levels of coverage, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage delay, loss of travel documents, medical benefits, and other travel-related benefits.

With the surge of Omicron cases all over the world, India has revised its rules for travelers shuttling in and out of the country. The government has issued new guidelines for international travel that came into effect from 22nd January 2021. Travelers must follow a multitude of pre-and post-arrival formalities that may differ depending on their destination countries.

The ongoing partial lockdown, stringent quarantine policy, and frequent changes in border rules have left travelers confused about whether to take the next trip or not. Nevertheless, if you must travel due to business or personal needs, travel insurance plans can act as your savior.

After the lift of travel bans, people have shifted their focus to purchasing travel insurance plans. Besides wearing masks and getting double shots of vaccines, insurance is recommended to Indian travelers to cover COVID-19, unexpected illnesses, accidents, trip delays, and more.

Visitor Guard® statement “The travel industry was one of the first industry that felt the damaging effects of COVID-19 since 2020. Traveling is an exciting experience and when it is coupled with comprehensive visitor insurance with Omicron covid coverage, you can be safe and protected financially in an unfamiliar land.”

Depending on the plan you select, it can cover a wide range of damages and losses, such as injury, sickness, and accidents, loss of belongings, emergency medical evacuation, and more.

The policy can help cover medical expenses abroad that are not covered by your standard health insurance plan that works mostly in your home country. Along with covering COVID-19, it can cover expenditure coming from lost luggage, passport, and other travel documents.

Buying an insurance plan is your personal choice. If you wish to pay your medical expenses from your pocket, you should be prepared to pay thousands of dollars in bills for a few days stays in the hospital in the US. Or, you can get a comprehensive plan with COVID-19 coverage and have a stress-free vacation. Medical evacuation benefits can help with transfering you to the nearest qualified hospital from a remote location.

Traveling to the US from India amid the Omicron surge can never be a safe option for anyone. It is recommended to stay home and follow the safety protocols, but if travelling is mandated, consider getting a plan that can save you from different unfortunate mishaps.

You can visit the doctors, clinics, and hospitals present within the plan’s PPO network and get yourself treated at a discounted rate. Apart from this, wear masks in public places, avoid going in the crowd, follow pre-and post-testing schedules, and opt for self-quarantining in hotels.

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