VitrA ArchiPlan Collection

Every project is unique with different needs. To meet these needs, ArchiPlan Collection is carefully designed by Design Studio VitrA. An ideal solution for homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, especially those with smaller bathrooms. This collection of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and accessories offer smart, durable solutions to enable seamless planning.

Designed with water and moisture-resistant plywood furniture finish, this collection is hardwearing and durable without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. The minimal gap between the washbasin and the bathroom furniture provides extra protection, preventing water damage to the furniture.

Featuring stylish open and closed storage options, ArchiPlan stands out with a wide range of designs, modules and colour options. With black, taupe and white choices, it helps create either a cozy or cool atmosphere.

Reflecting the design philosophy of the ArchiPlan collection, maximized storage spaces turn bathrooms into living spaces. The collection offers ultimate convenience with storage solutions in the cabinets and drawers along with metal shelves. By not limiting the available space within the cabinets, the metal shelves add extra storage solutions that are flexible and customizable. Using these next to the washbasin or especially above the WC opens up the space, even in smaller areas. Born from an elegant blend of black metal and ceramic, this accessory unit with a ceramic shelf offers extra space for everyday items.

Specifically designed to save space in smaller bathrooms, the compact style of the ArchiPlan collection fills inefficient spaces perfectly by integrating the washbasin and WC in the same unit. This enables both the WC and the washbasin to fit in an area of just 150 cm. It offers a clean look thanks to its compact design that hides the cistern inside the furniture.

The vanity basins stand out as being visually distinctive, offering an efficient space solution. The washbasin units with a double-mixer in one basin offer ideal solutions for communal areas or larger families, again saving space. It is built with precision and simplicity; the washbasins with a metal pedestal meet the needs of various spaces without compromising on style.


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