Vivriti Group rolls out its first ESOP Liquidity Programme

One of the forerunners of this initiative in the industry

Mumbai, November 16, 2022: The Vivriti Group recently announced the closure of its first employee stock option plan (ESOP) Liquidity Programme, providing an opportunity to its team members for wealth creation.

In all, Vivriti offered an opportunity to 100+ team members to realise Rs 100+ crores of liquidity, and partake in the meteoric growth that Vivriti has seen. While around 50% of the team participated in the offer, the remaining opted to hold on to their exercised shares and build more value. As a result, 47 team members received liquidity at the conclusion of the ESOP Liquidity Programme, resulting in ~Rs 50 crores of wealth creation.

Vivriti’s ESOP plan stands out amongst its peer group of Lending Fintechs, NBFCs and Asset Managers. Vivriti began its journey in 2017 and took the unprecedented step of allocating employee stock options to ALL of its team members, in contrast to the traditional practice of reserving this for a small number of CXOs or leads. Since inception, Vivriti has retained its focus on creating long term wealth for all its team members and ensuring that the benefits of the Company’s strong growth and valuation are shared with the team.

Continuing with the above objective, Vivriti launched its maiden ESOP Liquidity Programme to shorten the wait of the ESOP holders and ensure that the growth and success of the Company is realised by the team much earlier. This is the first such ESOP liquidity programme amongst Vivriti’s peer group in the last two decades.

The Company expects the programme to result far higher engagement and employee retention. Vivriti believes ESOP to be a powerful instrument that creates ownership in the company and that it strongly contributes to accomplishing a shared purpose.

On this announcement, Vineet Sukumar, Founder, and CEO, of Vivriti Capital and Vivriti Asset Management, said, “We are probably the first amongst much larger / older lending fintechs, NBFCs and asset managers to provide ESOP liquidity as a possibility. We aimed to democratize wealth creation for our team and recognize their passion, client centricity and performance. Vivriti already provides an invaluable career path, an exciting workplace, a steep learning curve to its team, and has now combined this with a shared approach of wealth creation. Our team members are an integral part of Vivriti’s journey to becoming India’s largest mid-market lender and asset manager.”

The Vivriti Group has a team of [225] members across all its group companies. The Company offers ESOPs to all team members.

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