wCard.io Shows How To Recreate Yourself On Your Digital Business Card

How would it feel like carrying a miniature version of the life you’ve built for yourself on a small digital business card? Head to wCard.io and find out for yourself. wCard.io is an easy, mobile-first builder that enables you to choose pre-designed elements in optimized layouts to create your very own digital business card. Launched in 2021, this card-building website also works as your personal mini website, which you can use for business purpose too. In fact, with features like QR Code and Portfolio generation contained within 1 personalized URL, this card is designed to give benefits to everyone, be it a student, freelancer, salaried individual, or an aspirational entrepreneur.

This is possible with the help of a variety of features available on wCard.io, like Connect Custom Domain, bring all your links together on a single page, and use it as a resume by sharing it through a single link. In just one year, the platform has written a remarkable growth story in numbers. With a total of 15k users from 36 countries across the world and 200+ users being added daily, wCard.io has so far garnered 830k+ unique total card views on its website ever since its inception. In India, every 3 out of 5 cards that are created come from the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Every 24 hours, hundreds of cards are being built on wCard.io, which reflects the amount of interest it has generated in the business world.

User will also have the ability to maximize the potential of their digital business card by including multiple pages and sections like social media links, payment links, photos, videos, and their music playlists, educational & work experiences, etc.

However, the digital business card isn’t just meant primarily for businesspersons. Anybody who wants to create a professional personality can make use of it. This is because such cards have become an instrument of change in the networking world. Since governments are also keen to create digital identities for its citizens, wCard.io seems to be right on track with its business purpose.

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