We always stand against those who undermine human rights- Dr. Tapan

In this era of political supremacy, war, frenzy and conflict around the world, there are some people and organizations who are working silently to uphold and protect the rights of the world, society and common people. One such international organization is the World Commission for the Protection of Human Rights. The WHRPC is dedicated to protecting the Universal Declaration of Rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter. It includes academics and intellectual groups from all over the world, actively working for the knowledge and protection of human rights for the entire human race. The purpose of the organization is to make people aware of human rights, to confer honorary doctorate degrees to people doing remarkable work on issues related to public and to conduct other activities. WHRPC unites individuals, educators, organizations and government bodies to adopt and promote human rights. Dr. Tapan Kumar Routray, International President of WHRPC, says “Most people have a limited understanding of human rights. The Universal Declaration includes 30 rights, which can be adopted to create a civilized, free and peaceful society. In fact, human rights are those basic rights and freedoms of any society that live with every person from birth to death.

They can never be removed. Yes, it can definitely be banned” This organization also studies international agreements and activities on human rights and makes recommendations to the government for their effective implementation. “It is a unique institution as it is one of the few World Human Rights Institutions (WHRIs) in the world, chaired by the former Chief Justice of the country,” says Dr. Abhetra Hota, International Director, WHRPC.

India’s WHRPC is seen as a role model in promoting and monitoring the effective implementation of world human rights promotion and protection. This organization does not shy away from filing public interest litigation wherever it comes to the notice of human rights abuses or violations as we aim to protect the Universal Declaration of Rights enshrined in the UN Charter at all costs.” In areas where adequate human rights legislation is lacking or in need of improvement, WHRPC is at the forefront of legislation and policy making efforts. The organization is active all the time for child sexual abuse, communal crime, right to food and work. National-international conferences are also organized from time to time by the organization to bring forth and discuss such issues.

WHRPC has always been at the forefront of advancing laws and policies that promote and protect human rights in the courts, the media, and various public and legal entities. It opposes every law, policy and activity that undermines human rights. The purpose of awarding an honorary doctorate by the WHRPC is also to encourage people actively working for human rights to become a part of national and international discussions and debates on the subject. Participate actively in them. The WHRPC generally gives priority to honoring individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sciences, humanities and professions. Further information can be obtained by visiting the WHRPC website at www.whrpc.org

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