Wedding TV’s owner Akkapakaganapathi Aka GANA became an entrepreneur at the age of 40.

It was not easy for Gana to leave a successful career as an audio visual engineer and stepping into a new entrepreneur journey at the age of 40 through WEDDING TV. Gana says but one day in 2016, I visited a cousin’s wedding and I felt it was so unorganised. I felt the urge to do the management of the entire wedding. That is how it gave an idea for me to start a new venture in the form of wedding management. I started talking to people and hiring team, every one was quite supportive since the beginning . Gana hails from Hyderbad, Telangana and I wanted to work with the same team, so I collaborated with them and we begun. Strategically we planned to spread our business across INDIA with my dedicated and sophisticated team. Gana says ”I started WEDDINGTV with the passion of wedding management in a luxurious way and then we kept on moving forward. We do faced alot of issues as every new business does, difficult task was to manage clients and vendors at the same time. Due to financial and resource constraints, we realised that we needed to streamline our business model and that’s when we modified our scope of work under the brand name wedding Tv. The other big challenge was to create a stable process to grow demand. We tried multiple ways to attain stable demand, and realised that digital marketing is the right way to get customers and market ourselves. I was not into digital marketing but it happened by luck and worked in our favour due to which we focused most of our resources into it.One of the biggest leanings I had from this experience was to have a defined focus, be it marketing, products and services or segments. Another aspect I learnt is that we should invest in the people who are hungry for success, and are full of ambition to lead a success story. It was challenging to find such people. The ones that joined me then have stayed with me all along.

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