Wemade Celebrates the Global Launch of its Legendary MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond

The game includes a Play and Earn Element for Blockchain Enthusiasts

Seoul, Korea – January 31, 2023. Leading gaming company Wemade celebrates today the global launch of its MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (MIR M) MMORPG game accessible on both mobile (iOS and Android) and PC. Accessible to play in more than 170 countries around the world and supporting 12 languages, MIR M is the sequel of the company’s popular IP of The Legend of Mir – with input from artwork, quarter-view (isometric), and 8-way directional grid movement of the IP to recreate the original gameplay. The added modern twist consists of contents and systems unique to MIR M, to create a version of the great Mir continent unique to this game.

The next-level stunning visuals paired with the new growth system (Mandala) give players the freedom to choose between being a vanguard (hero) – prioritising power on the battlefield, or a vagabond (artisan) – playing a key role in the in-game economy by focusing on honing a craft, be it gathering, fishing and mining to obtain a profession and reach the ranks of the Virtuoso. With the two categories of Combat and Profession, Mandalas include numerous Spot Points featuring different stats each. By connecting the Spot Points and activating stats in whichever way a player desires, their characters can be created in unique ways. This freedom of choosing their path leads gamers to experience MIR M in distinctive ways. Whichever path of growth a player takes, the result of their choice will be recognized as a meaningful one.

Divided into three major stages, MIR M offers players exclusive content, including Avatars, Companions and Mounts in the first stage (Early Game), and Mandala, Master, and Clan in the second stage (Mid Game). The third and final stage (End Game) introduces an intense round of conquests and battles. 

The early game starts with “Avatars” that change both looks and stats, and “Companions” and “Mounts” that accompany the character in war and adventure, leading into the mid-game with “Mandala” where players will choose their own path to growth. It can be by practising a profession to become an “Artisan” and being part of “Clans” where a gamer can fight their own battle with like-minded players. The end game is all about wars, with “Hidden Valley Capture” and “Sabuk Castle Siege”, where the best clan wins.

With the battle contents of Rumble Battle and Clan Battle, the strength of characters and clans can be tested within Worlds, which consists of 8 servers each. Characters that have honed their powers in various methods of growth can fight against other characters in ‘Rumble Battles’; they can also join a clan to fight with their clan members in ‘Clan Battles’ to prove their strength.

MIR M is built in such a way that every moment of the gameplay experience is filled with plenty of exciting things to explore and conquer and an emphasis on exquisite graphics to make the journey more enjoyable. Connected to MIR4 via the company’s WEMIX platform, the game also features optional added blockchain technology for Play and Earn enthusiasts. The combination of a F2P well-made game with depth, and the blockchain element, make MIR M a proposal hard to resist for gamers in 2023.

MIR M features a seamless blockchain-integrated inter-game economy using governance tokens, DOGMA, which can be obtained by staking game tokens DRONE. To learn more about the governance token DOGMA and the game token DRONE, visit the official website.

MIR M is now available to access on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices

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