When is the Fast and Furious 9 going to release?

Yes! There is going to be a 9th part of the movie about a lot of cars and muscles. Well, that shouldn’t be a surprise for you in the first place as the film has been taking over the box office. Both part 7 and 8 of Fast and Furious have managed to cross the $1 billion mark, after being released on a worldwide basis. Also, the Fast and Furious 7 has been marked as the eighth biggest movie to have crossed $ 1.51 billion. If the releasing of the 9th part gets you shocked then wait for the time when you will be watching its 10th part.

However, more on that later let us focus on Fast and Furious 9 for the time being.

When is the trailer of Fast and Furious 9 going to land?

The trailer for Fast and Furious 9 has already been released on January 31, 2020, which was a huge revelation for the speeding cars’ fans. Firstly, the trailer suggests that John Cena’s villain happens to be the brother of Dom and somehow at the end of the trailer, you will notice that Han (Sung Kang) has returned. Just as Han strolls back casually into Dom’s life, he remarks “nice clubhouse”.  And the trailer also points out that Letty knew that Han was alive. But the question is, how did he even survive? Well, we will have to wait for the movie to release.

When is Fast and Furious 9 coming out?

Don’t worry; you are not at all late to be the first-day first show watcher of Fast and Furious 9. Initially, the releasing date of the movie was scheduled in the month of April. However, it has now been shifted to May 22. This was mainly done considering the marketing strategy about the film picking up a few extra bucks from the starting of the Memorial Day weekend in the United States.

The filming of Fast and Furious 9 was carried out between the months of June and November in places including –London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and Thailand. The filming of the movie was halted for just one day on July 22, 2019, after a stuntman who was injured due to an on-set accident. However, the filmmakers managed to commence with the shooting on the very next day.

On August 8, the good news was announced reporting that the injured stuntman was finally out of the intensive care unit.

Who is coming back in Fast and Furious 9?

Before we jump on to the most exciting cast, let us have a look at the regular ones. Almost all the main actors are back for the ninth movie, so that Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Ludacris Bridges, and Tyrese Gibson are back. That means the characters –Dom, Letty, Tej, and Roman respectively are likely to show up in the 9th part. Although Jordana Brewster had missed out on Fast and Furious 8, she is back as Dom’s sister playing the role of Mia. And for more updates, you will have to watch the movie we do not want to give away all the spoiler alerts!


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