Where did all the players go? Slotegrator reveals why players churn

Keeping your players is cheaper than finding new ones. 20% of the player base generates 80% of profit; this relation demonstrates how important it is to work with existing players, not only newly acquired ones. Slotegrator shares the main reasons why your players churn.

Every online casino website aims to prevent churn.

Today’s players prefer to have accounts on several different platforms at the same time, their lifetime on each platform is shorter than ever before, and their game sessions are quicker. Players have a wide choice of gaming content and an interest in trying everything available to them, which means they will — inevitably — churn.


Here is a list of the most common issues known to cause churn in online casinos:

Technical issues (any technical issues with the sign-up or verification processes or payment system failure).
Gaming experience (unattractive offers and bonuses, poor game portfolio, out-of-market games, irregularly updated game catalog).
User experience (poor and unempathetic player support, inadequate search and navigation tool, wrong bonus calculation, poor currency and language support).

What can operators do to prevent high churn rates?

There are 4 steps:

Determine the reason. To prevent client loss, start by identifying the primary triggers. You’ll want to communicate with your customers to understand which parts of the product need to be changed or improved.
Offer a wide range of games. Any online casino should provide a wide range of games and add titles that are popular in your market, so keep up with your providers’ scheduled releases and diversify your offer as much as possible. This retention effort helps to reduce the churn rate.
Maintain a proactive approach. You have to learn to look ahead, predict possible issues your players might encounter, and find solutions before they turn into a problem. Answer your players’ questions before they ask them and communicate with them efficiently, announcing the latest updates, features, and product improvements – any interaction will increase your brand awareness.
Stand out from your competition. Understand what makes your product unique and take it to the next level. You can add live dealer games to your catalog, run tournaments, offer great bonuses, or create a loyalty program.

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