Which Fashion Magazine to buy for Menswear Apparel Designing?

The apparel industry has witnessed phenomenal changes in recent times and this is likely to continue in the future as well. It will be fuelled by innovation in technology, improved production techniques, new fabrics and upcoming design trends. A textile designer has to keep abreast of all these variables to remain relevant to the business environment and the evolving needs of consumers. Today, consumers have a greater exposure to international fashion trends, as they travel far and wide across the globe. Such exposure also comes from the multitude of international brands that have launched their stores in the country. Textile designers who want to stay on top of things will need access to the best fashion magazines including men’s fashion magazines, fashion reports, summer fashion magazines, winter fashion magazines, etc.

These international fashion magazines provide vital information to textile designers related to wide ranging topics such as current design trends, color trends, fabrics, consumer preferences, fashion forecasts, etc. Such information is critical to keep updated with the latest trends and forecasts for products such as shirts, t-shirts, trousers, formalwear, outerwear,fashion accessories, etc.Earlier, getting access to these international fashion magazines and fashion reports used to be a tough task, but now things have changed dramatically with Design Info, India’s leading e-store dedicated to international fashion magazines / catalogues, trend books, color reports, color guides, design trends, fashion forecast magazines, and lots more stuff.

Design Info has enabled a one-stop-shop for textile designers, wherein they can choose from a wide range of international fashion magazines and place their order in just a few clicks. Delivery is done through top courier companies such as FedEx and BlueDart, thereby ensuring fast delivery and complete peace of mind. Textile designers can browse through the comprehensive range of fashion magazines offered by Design Info and choose the ones they need. For example, if a textile designer is looking for a fashion magazine that would be best for menswear apparel designing, they can choose magazines such as gap MEN’S COLLECTIONS, Showdetails, Fashion Focus, etc.

Each of these magazines offers exclusive information, which could be very useful for a textile designer. For example, the gap MEN’S COLLECTIONS magazine provides a comprehensive overview of the international menswear designer collections. The magazine features large, high-resolution images that reveal even the smallest details in workmanship and accessories. The designer collections featured in this magazine are from leading fashion cities in the world. These collections could be a source of inspiration for textile designers to create their own riveting designs.

If we talk about Showdetails, this magazine showcases the design trends in men’s clothing, as displayed during the Milan and Paris fashion shows. As the name suggests, the magazine focuses on presenting special and intricate details of new collections. Such details are about garments, fabrics, colors, design, etc. The collections by leading designers are also analyzed andshowcased in great detail, which could be very useful for a textile designer.

Another good option isFashion Focus, which is a fashion forecast magazine and is published 5-6 months before the season. Textile designers can use these forecasts to their advantage. The magazine also showcases new ideas and concepts that could be very useful for textile designers. Fashion Focus offers different magazines for different products, for example, Fashion Focus Shirts (Man) Magazine, Fashion Focus Man Formal Wear Magazine, Fashion Focus (Man) Outerwear Magazine, etc.

There are a lot more international fashion magazines available at Design Info and textile designers can order as per their specific needs and requirements. Design Info also offers cool discounts and free gifts to make the shoppingexperience a lot more enjoyableand exciting for all its customers.

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