WIN SOURCE Announces New Strategic Partnership with Supplyframe

Media OutReach – 8 September 2023 – To help companies strengthen their electronics supply chain and reduce procurement costs and risks, WIN SOURCE and Supplyframe have entered a strategic partnership at Electronica China this year. As part of the partnership, WIN SOURCE will leverage Supplyframe’s Design to Source Solution into its B2B e-commerce platform to accelerate its Supply Chain Services and deliver a better customer experience.
The high volatility of the electronic supply chain has created multiple crises ever since 2018, affecting more than 169 industries, which peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic with unprecedented product launch delays and eye-opening surging costs. It is an urgent wake-up call for every industry player, whether manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers, to re-evaluate supply chain strategies, validate current partners, and optimize backup plans, to secure the best possible resilient supply chain before the next crisis hits.
WIN SOURCE has taken quick action to help itself and its customers. As revealed in the announcement of WIN SOURCE and Supplyframe’s partnership, WIN SOURCE e-commerce platform will connect to Supplyframe’s AI-empowered component intelligence, capturing and interpreting numerous market signals of millions of sellable components, generating actionable insights as to how to optimize the sourcing decisions at the best time window. Customers of WIN SOURCE will directly benefit from this upgrade, where they can search, compare, and order more than a million ready-to-ship components, now better equipped with real-time sourcing intelligence covering price fluctuation, lead time changes, and potential risk notification.
The partnership is also regarded as a strategic move of WIN SOURCE. Synchronizing its fast rise on the distribution horizon, WIN SOURCE shows great determination to adopt state-of-the-art technology, further honing its supplier management and inventory control skill, and broadening its global reach in servicing clients worldwide.

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