WinZO joins hands with Telangana VFX, Animation, and Gaming Association (TVAGA) for “Bharat Tech Triumph” Initiative to Propel Export of Gaming Technology

The objective of the “BharatTech Triumph’ initiative is to encourage India’s tech talent to develop products that can cater to a global audience, increasing the addressable market for consumer tech and gametech products.
TVAGA will help in identifying high-potential technologies.
Hyderabad/ New Delhi, 16th January 2024: WinZO, India’s leading vernacular interactive entertainment platform, has unveiled the ‘Bharat Tech Triumph’ initiative, a groundbreaking program aimed at enhancing the global export of culturally relevant games and related technology originated in Bharat. This initiative focuses on nurturing homegrown startups, providing crucial resources for growth, and fostering intellectual property creation in the entertainment sector. The program aligns with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of “First Be Vocal For Local, Then Go Global” and aims to position Bharat as a global powerhouse in technology innovation. It also aims to propel the global export of cutting-edge technology originating from Bharat.

Under the ‘Bharat Tech Triumph’ initiative, WinZO will support research in deep tech for social gaming and cybersecurity, offering resources such as infrastructure, collaborative opportunities, funding, and access to real-world data. The initiative will facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among local startups, the global gaming community, and academic institutions. TVAGA, along with other industry experts, including Rajesh Raju of Kalaari Capital, Justin Shriram Keeling of Lumikai, Anand Jain of CleverTap, and Neha Yadav of AWS, will identify high-potential technologies.

Paavan Nanda, Co-founder of WinZO, expressed, “Today, technology increasingly offers greater capability to propel advancement, foster innovation, and bolster socio-economic growth. At WinZO, we want to nurture innovation and contribute to the overall growth of the technology sector, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to ‘Make in Bharat’ for the world.”

“The diversification of exports is pivotal for India’s economic prosperity. The export of game tech products, particularly high speed computation technology, holds the key to unlocking our nation’s vast economic potential and success of technology startups. Recognising the tremendous potential within India’s startup ecosystem, we believe that global exposure and promoting export of cutting-edge technology will not only contribute to economic growth but also position India as a global leader in the consumer tech industry. Our commitment to supporting startups reflects our belief in their importance in economic success and technological advancement on the global stage. We at Kalaari are great supporters of startups that are innovating for Global audience,” Rajesh Raju, Managing Director, Kalaari Capital.

The initiative seeks to position Bharat as a global powerhouse in technology innovation, emphasizing real-time communication, high-speed computation, and scalable technology to cater to billions of consumers concurrently.

To establish a global footprint, select companies will be facilitated by WinZO to become part of the first India Pavilion at the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco in March ’24. This initiative follows the successful launch of the India Pavilion at the Brazil Game Show in São Paulo.

WinZO is committed to driving Bharat’s transformation into a leading hub for game development on the global stage. Last year, WinZO helped 100+ partner game developers export games such as Carrom, Chess, Car Race etc, and gain free access to Brazil, the fourth-largest mobile gaming market with over 90 million users. These initiatives come at a pivotal moment in the Indian Gaming sector’s journey wherein most content/ IP creators are still in their nascent stages and initiatives such as these will catapult India into a leadership position within the global gaming arena and promote Indian leadership.

Applications for the WinZO BharatTech Triumph are now open, inviting Indian game developers to submit their projects online at Submissions close on 24th January 2023.

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