WION reveals spectacular year-end line-up: WION REWIND 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, WION (World Is One News), India’s only global news network, is thrilled to unveil its year-end special programming series, ‘WION REWIND 2023’. This immersive retrospective promises to encourage viewers on a voyage of reflection on the most impactful news and captivating stories that have etched an indelible mark on the global narrative throughout the year.

Spanning politics, culture, sports, technology, climate, and entertainment, the series offers a diverse array of shows designed to engage and resonate with its global audience.

Don’t miss out on some of these compelling stories that have defined the global stage in 2023:

· GRAVITAS REWIND: THE BEST OF GRAVITAS – on 30th December, Saturday at 7:30 pm will allow viewers to rewind the unique stories, informed opinions, and insights into global trends.

· WION WORLD OF SPORT REWIND: THE BEST OF SPORT – Relive the highs and lows of the sports world in 2023 on 25th December, Monday at 7:30 pm. From Novak Djokovic and Max Verstappen’s unstoppable performances to historic moments in cricket and football, the show captures the essence of sportsmanship.

· WION WIDEANGLE: CLIMATE EXTREMES – On 27th December, Wednesday at 7:30 pm, WION WIDEANGLE explores extreme weather events globally in 2023. The episode will delve into the causes of such events, featuring expert insights and analysis, and seeks probable solutions.

· WION E-club: LIGHTS, CAMERA, E-CLUB! – As 2023 comes to an end, join the exploration of the biggest blockbusters, trendsetters, and newsmakers of showbiz on 29th December, Friday at 10:30 pm.

· World At War: THE TWO WARS: BLOOD, GRIEF, FURY- On 31st December, Sunday from 8 pm, delve into the impact of the Gaza War and the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the global world order. Explore the weapons technology and the business of wars in this thought-provoking year-ender show.

· INSIDE SOUTH ASIA: SPOTLIGHT- On 21st December, Thursday at 7:30 pm, viewers will witness India’s rise as a global powerhouse. From hosting the G20 summit to a historic moon landing, 2023 marked India’s emergence as a cultural and economic giant. INSIDE SOUTH ASIA will also shed light on China’s growing influence, women’s rights, and climate change-related concerns in the region.

· TECH IT OUT: 10 LIFE-CHANGING INNOVATIONS- As the year ends, TECH IT OUT on 26th December, Tuesday at 7:30 pm looks back at the tech trends that ruled 2023. It will focus on life-changing innovations and revolutionary technologies that defined the world of technology this year.

· THE WEST ASIA POST: CHANGING FACE OF WEST ASIA- Tune in on 22nd December, Friday at 5:30 pm to explore the dynamic landscape of West Asia, marked by war, disaster, and geopolitical shifts. The show will delve into truces, conflicts, and the pressing question of whether 2023 will be the year when all of West Asia is drawn into the Israel-Palestine conflict.

· WION WINGS: BEST OF WINGS GLOBAL ADVENTURES- On 23rd December, Saturday at 3:30 pm, WION WINGS will take viewers on an unforgettable journey around the world. The show revisits the most thrilling moments of 2023, starting with the top places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

· India’s Moments of Glory: 7 reasons why India celebrated in 2023 – On 23rd December, Saturday at 7:30pm, explore country’s top moments like historic lunar achievement, diplomatic triumph at the G20, economic prosperity, and cinematic excellence, including the groundbreaking Oscar win for the song “Natu Natu” from the film “RRR.” Don’t miss this concise journey through the highlights of India’s remarkable year.

· The Year of Turmoil: 10 Most Turbulent Cases of Political and Economic Unrest Worldwide – On December 24, 2023, Sunday at 7:30 PM explore the tumultuous events of 2023, dominated by leaders like Putin, Narendra Modi, Trump, and Xi-Jinping. Witness the unrest in various parts of the world, strategic realignments, and the emergence of new alliances amidst wars, crises, and uncertainties.

· Viral Edition: What the world watched on WION– On December 28, 2024, Thursday at 7:30 pm. In a year defined by ‘war’, Wion’s unbiased coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas conflict took center stage. Join us in this tribute to our viewers with the annual showcase of Wion stories that captivated the world in 2023. From war and natural calamities to workplace issues and India’s triumphant lunar mission, witness what the world watched on WION.

In anticipation of the upcoming special programming, Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer of WION & Zee Business, expresses excitement and underscores the relevance of WION REWIND 2023, stating, “Rewind 2023 encapsulates the essence of a transformative year, offering viewers a diverse lineup of notable highlights from across news genres. WION aims to engage audiences with profound reflection on the significant events and stories that have left an indelible mark on the global narrative. As we approach the close of 2023, WION remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering compelling content that deeply resonates with our global audience.”

Seize the moment to revisit, contemplate, and experience the extraordinary highlights of 2023 through the lens of WION

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