Woman with limited mobility hopes for a historic judgment , takes DGCA, Vistara airlines and Adani to Court, wants to end negligence of wheel chair passengers.

Mumbai: Exasperated with the trivial manner of dealing with grievances of wheel-chair passengers, Monica Gupta, suffering from rheumatic arthritis and neurology disorder, knocks on the doors of the Bombay High Court, files Writ Petition seeking directions upon the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and action against Vistara Airlines and Adani Enterprises, through NAS LEGAL, a leading law firm.

Having endured the distressing experience of being denied wheelchair assistance after landing, Monica Gupta , who traveled business class from Colombo to Mumbai on September 14,2023 along with her mother, Usha M. Gupta, 81 has also filed a separate criminal complaint against Vistara in Andheri Magistrate Court for criminal breach of contract under S. 491 of IPC.

Monica Gupta, a wheelchair-bound passenger, took these extraordinary steps after experiencing severe disappointment from both DGCA and Vistara Airlines. Adani Enterprises, which is responsible for Ground Handling Services at various airports, including the provision of wheelchair and ambulift services is also liable under the DGCA rules

Despite DGCA’s well-publicized passenger grievance cell, Monica Gupta’s complaint submitted to sugam.dgca@nic.in went unanswered, leaving her without any acknowledgment of her grievance. Her complaint primarily focused on Vistara Airline’s failure to provide her with the required wheelchair assistance, both at the departure and arrival terminals.

Despite the well-publicized passenger grievance cell of the DGCA, Monica Gupta’s complaint submitted to sugam.dgca@nic.in remained unanswered, leaving her without acknowledgment of her grievance.

The writ petition emphasizes the growing number of complaints from wheelchair passengers facing similar issues is an alarming concern. Monica Gupta’s case sheds light on the gravity of this issue and the apparent lack of care by the DGCA.

Passengers with special needs, such as wheelchair-bound individuals, rely on the Govt. of India to ensure their safe and comfortable travel experience.

In her pursuit of justice for persons with disabilities, Monica Gupta seeks accountability for the negligence she faced. This historic Writ Petition serves as a call to action for the aviation industry, highlighting the urgency of addressing the concerns of passengers with special needs and ensuring their safety and well-being.

It’s disheartening to hear about Monica Gupta’s challenging experience, especially when it comes to accessibility and the rights of passengers with special needs. It’s crucial for airlines and related services to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, regardless of their mobility.

Monica Gupta’s legal action is not only a quest for justice on an individual level but also advocates for systemic change within the aviation sector to provide a more inclusive and accessible travel experience for all. Monica Gupta’s case brings attention to the need for improved services, responsiveness, and accountability, emphasizing that no passenger should face discrimination or neglect based on their mobility challenges.

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