Wondr Diamonds opens third diamond boutique in South India

Wondr Diamonds is South India’s biggest Earth-friendly Diamond brand, revolutionizing the industry by introducing ethical lab-grown diamonds

The brand has two other boutiques in Chennai and Coimbatore, plans to expand footprint across India

National, 22th December, 2021: Wondr Diamonds, South India’s largest earth-friendly diamond brand, today announced that it is expanding its footprint across India. The brand has unveiled an exclusive boutique store in Bangalore, its third store in South India after Chennai and Coimbatore; and further strengthen its presence by adding 7 more stores across India by March 2022. Wondr Diamonds is all-set revolutionize the jewellery industry by making world-class diamonds attainable to every Indian family.

Wondr Diamonds is an Earth Friendly and Conflict Free diamond brand founded by Aishwarya Guptha&AnirudhanGrandhee. Developed in cutting-edge technology labs and grown under strict ethical requirements – these diamonds continue to be a powerful symbol of love passed on from one generation to the next. Handcrafted by award-winning designers and craftsmen at Wondr, every piece of jewelry a true masterpiece. Thejewelry is designed and manufactured at a meticulous and technologically advanced manufacturing facilitywhich is a National – Award winning facility.

Earth-friendly diamonds are treasures that do not tarnish the planet and completely eliminate the environmental consequences of mined diamonds. They are earth-friendly, have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties of a mined diamond, and cost roughly 50% less than a mined diamond, making sustainable luxury accessible to all. Every single diamond from Wondr is graded as per the 4Cs, certified, and the gold hallmarked. The company also offers exchange and buyback of jewellery.

Founders Aishwarya and Anirudhan were mesmerized by the idea of creating diamonds in a lab rather than mining them, without compromising on quality. The brand’s mission is to make sustainable luxury affordable to every woman. Wondr offersan extensive range of handcrafted diamond jewelry starting at very minimal costs! The exclusive selection includes earrings, bangles, bracelets, neck pieces and more. Wondr Diamonds even has a special range curated specifically for bridalwear and men.

“We found the concept of earth friendly diamonds very appealing and were immediately drawn to it! As we delved deeper into the study of the concept, we realized that this product is truly transformational.” – Anirudhan, Founder, Wondr Diamonds

“Our diamonds are more affordable, purer and more environment friendly compared to natural diamonds, and they do not lose any of the sparkle or luster. A vast population of Indians aspire to buy diamonds and Wondr not only makes those dreams an achievable reality, but we also do it without harming the earth in any way.” – Aishwarya, Founder, Wondr Diamonds

Wondr Diamonds brings every woman a step closer to owning the Perfect Diamond to wear, love and flaunt.

Explore more of our exquisite, Earth-friendly range of jewelry at www.wondrdiamonds.com.

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