World Password Day- Is your website truly protected?


Website security in today’s digital era is imperative, to keep hackers and cyber thieves from accessing sensitive information. Businesses risk malware spreading and escalating, as well as assaults on other websites, networks, and IT infrastructures if they don’t have a proactive security policy in place. Website Security provides easy-to-use tools for protecting your site from the most common security threats. After all, your website serves as the hub of your company, brand, and all the fantastic things you’re doing in the world. It deserves comprehensive protection with all the tools you’ll need to keep your company and consumers safe online.

According to government sources, there were 6,07,220 cybersecurity breaches reported between June 2021 and June 2022. Therefore, it becomes crucial for businesses to have proper website security solutions in place while taking their business online. GoDaddy provides comprehensive security to help protect small business websites. Let’s look at some of the key tips that can help small businesses avoid cyber security threats in their online journey.

Prevent attacks and fix malware problems- Take a proactive, preventative approach to your website’s security. The Website Security firewall helps to protect your site from attacks, while the malware scanner examines it on a regular basis for dangerous material and alerts you if any is found.
Increased speed — coupled with encrypted data — boosts search rankings- Google favors SSL-protected encrypted sites and ranks them higher in search results than those that aren’t, making your company more visible to new clients. GoDaddy’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) not only protects your site against DDoS assaults but also speeds up the loading of your site by up to 50% by distributing your content across several servers across the world, ensuring that it is always close to your customers.
Manage your passwords- Everybody knows how crucial it is to use strong passwords. It’s equally important to use a variety of passwords, instead of the same one for every account. A lot of people end up using the same password in all places, to remember their login information, and this can be very risky. Hackers can easily gain access to all the confidential information from all the accounts by using that single password. Therefore, it is advisable to keep passwords that are hard to guess and keep changing it every three months.
Keep your software up to date- It’s critical to keep all software packages up to date to keep your online business safer. This covers the operating system of the computer as well as any other software that is utilized daily. It’s also critical to install security patches as prompted by your operating system’s or security software’s vendor.
Archived backup- The most important thing in today’s world is data. No business would want to lose out on vital business data to a cyber-attack. While a business can manually back up their data on a daily or weekly basis, sites such as GoDaddy can also help provide website protection services to businesses for automatic back-up and provide cloud storage for their data backups.

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