XcelDefi – Now listed on XT.COM

28th January 2022, Singapore: XT.COM becomes another cryptocurrency exchange to list XcelDefi (XLD) for trading on its cryptocurrency exchange platform.

XcelDefi, a native token of the XcelLab ecosystem, is the next generation cryptocurrency which provides cryptocurrency users with amazing utility and biggest use-cases.

XcelDefi (XLD), developed by the Xcellab ecosystem, is a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smartchain. The XLD/USDT trading pair is now available for trading on XT.COM. Trading has commenced from Jan 27th 2022, (UTC+8) Participate and WIN $5000 worth of XLD.

About XcelDefi (XLD)

Supported by automatic smart contracts, XLD aims to increase the adoption of crypto by making cryptocurrency tokens available for real life use cases. XLD is built to make the most out of the XcelLab Ecosystem .

XLD is a one of a kind utility token which is making Defi accessible to all by lowering barriers to entry for newcomers seeking to join the world of Decentralized finance and cryptocurrency and make the most of decentralized finance.

Many new up and coming cryptocurrencies and tokens lack a strong ecosystem and use-cases. XLD principally believes that projects without a strong community, and tokens without applicable  use cases have no meaning.

A native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem, XcelDefi(XLD) brings together the world of decentralized travel, finance and investment together under one umbrella.

Overview of XLD Use cases.

A community-driven token- XLD users can engage in the liquidity pool, yield farming, and staking programs.

XcelDefi holders can earn more with better rewards on  decentralized automated market maker XcelSwap- a DEX by Xcellab Ecosystem which empowers users by providing the highest annual percentage yield and lower transaction costs on trading.

But, more importantly, XLD holders can vote for XcelSwap project amendments and project developments, and use XLD as a governance token for Xcellab Projects. This way users can shape the future of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

XcelDefi(XLD) is integrating blockchain and its use cases through the Xcellab Ecosystem and making cryptocurrency a part of everyday reality.

The Xcellab ecosystem, which is powered by its native token XcelDefi(XLD), provides unrivaled benefits and opportunities to the DeFi community. Make the most of a fully decentralized and digital economy with XcelDefi (XLD)

Pay for hotels and airlines using XcelDefi (XLD). Travel the world with cryptos. Book over 2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines worldwide using XcelTrip- a decentralized travel and booking platform by xcellab ecosystem. Refer and even earn exciting rewards!

Gain full custody of your token. XcelDefi (XLD) has facilitated its users to have control over their assets through a decentralized, secure and noncustodial wallet, XcelPay Wallet.  With XcelPay Wallet users can top up more than 900 mobile networks all over the world and purchase over 350 gift cards from Amazon, Playstore, Applestore and other platforms.  Users can also send, receive, buy, swap, and store XcelDefi(XLD) and other ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens directly via  secured and decentralized XcelPay Wallet.

Trade and Earn rewards. Participate and access premium DeFi services such as swapping, staking, liquidity and yield farming on secure and reliable DEX exchange XcelSwap by Xcellab Ecosystem; users can earn interest and amazing rewards.

Trade XcelDefi (XLD) on XT.COM – Trade here.

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