Yes Madam Partners with B&WSSC to Upskill Around 1500 Professionals In The Next 6 Months

-Over 1500 professionals will be able to refine their skill set and grab better job opportunities with majority being women

New Delhi, 21st April 2023: Yes Madam, India’s most affordable home salon and a tech-enabled platform for beauty and wellness has announced a strategic partnership with Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (B&WSSC) to empower, upskill and certify its beauty professionals. As many as 20 beauty professionals from Yes Madam alongside an impressive cohort of 150 other beauty and wellness mavens affiliated with esteemed brands such as Blossom Kocchar and Tatva Ayurveda and others excelled in B&WSSC assessments and got certified.

In a concerted effort to further amplify the proficiency of its workforce, Yes Madam is currently in the process of enhancing the expertise of an additional 1500 beauty professionals within 6 months. This intensive training will be administered by Yes Madam’s esteemed professionals whose expertise and eminence in the field are widely recognized. The program has been diligently designed to span no less than 15 days, to ensure that participants are thoroughly immersed in a comprehensive training regimen. After which Yes Madam trainees will have to qualify for the B&WSSC exam to get certified, which will serve as a testament to their mastery in the field of beauty and wellness.

To avail themselves of the opportunity, service professionals currently affiliated with Yes Madam may establish communication with the company via the prescribed channels. The mode of training for such individuals will be rendered through the medium of virtual technology. The training would be conducted by Yes Madam trainers at Yes Madam’s training rooms in HQ and that wouldn’t be virtually.

Mayank Arya, Co-founder of Yes Madam said “As a leading player in the beauty and wellness services domain, Yes Madam is well-positioned to capitalize on its wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative and effective training programs. We acknowledge the indispensable role of upskilling and certification in augmenting the proficiencies and competitiveness of our workforce, and, to that end, we are unwaveringly dedicated to forging partnerships with distinguished associates such as B&WSSC to furnish our cadre of beauty professionals with exceptional training and certification regimens of a global calibre.”

The formation of this alliance aligns with the unveiling of the B&WSSC’s Skill Gap Study ceremony, which transpired on the 31st of March, 2023 at the Stein Auditorium, located in India Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

The illustrious report titled “Bridging the Skill Gap, Beauty-Fully” was released in the company of esteemed Cabinet Minister Narayan Rane, Ministry of MSME, Atul Kumar Tiwari, Secretary, MSDE, K. K. Dwivedi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. The meticulously conducted study was undertaken by the world-renowned consulting firm KPMG which furnished a comprehensive analysis of the pressing demand for skilled personnel in various sub-sectors pertaining to beauty and wellness, with projections spanning up to the year 2030.

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