Young politician Sikander Behl booked for breaking CCTV camera and posing security threat

Residents of Vishal Enclave filed a complaint (FIR) against M/s Sdreen India Pvt. Ltd., and one of its directors Sikander Behl for unlawful activities, rioting, and posing security threat at Maidan Garhi police station. Meena Chawla and her husband Ramesh Chawla, complainants, who reside at 8-32, Vishal Enclave and own a farmhouse at Ansal Villas, Satbari, claim that Sikander Behl was their tenant till 31st May 2022, but even after the expiry of the agreement between the owner and tenant, the accused is illegally using the said property and doesn’t provide access to it to the legal owners, i.e., Meena Chawla and her husband Ramesh Chawla.

According to Meena Chawla, “I had given my farmhouse on rent in the month of June 2019 for a period of 3 years to M/s Sdreen India Pvt. Ltd. The lease got expired by efflux of time on 31st May 2022 and even after repeated written requests, the occupier had not handed over peaceful vacant possession of the said farmhouse to me till date and I had filed a case for possession in Hon’ble Court.”

In their complaint, Meena and Ramesh Chawla informed that they came to know about this violent incident only when RWA issued a show cause notice to them regarding assembly of unknown people near their farmhouse and rioting over there by them to which two CCTV cameras were destroyed completely on 27 July 2022. “We were shocked after knowing that there had been a serious illegal act committed by the current illegal occupiers inside my property. But, when we tried to approach Sikander Behl, his bouncers didn’t allow us to enter the premises and they behaved very off-handedly,” added Chawla family.

“Sikander Behl and his family members and their employees are the main perpetrator/abettor of this illegal act and also, unlawful assembly was permitted to be held at the premises occupied by them and they damaged the CCTV cameras installed by RWA,” mentioned Meena Chawla

As per the statement and documents shared by the couple, Sikander Behl who belongs to a political party often wrongly utilizes his connections and he had been accused by previous landlords as well in the past.

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