Your political views can either make or break your date

When India’s most downloaded dating app QuackQuack conducted a survey on its users about their political leanings, it was found that men and women in metro cities were more into discussing international politics thanks to the plethora of information on social media that is rife with burning international issues. For example, the Ukraine-Russia war was a trending topic for discussion considering the present global crisis.

In the times we live in, politics can be a great conversation builder.

70% of women in metro cities liked discussing international politics on dates while 63% of the men liked doing the same. Discussing the Ukraine-Russia conflict was common place in such cases as observed on the chat boxes of QuackQuack. When it came to Tier 2 cities, out of all the users surveyed, only 31% users liked discussing international politics while the majority, i.e. 69% users were more into regional and national politics. Surveys even show a sudden rise in political interests among women as compared to the past few years. More women these days are interested in discussing politics on dates. This could be attributed to the coming election season and a much higher accessibility to information online. There appears to be an increase of 13% in interests of women in politics with respect to the last few years. Two years ago, when QuackQuack surveyed its users, only 30% of women were interested in discussing politics with their partners, whereas now, 43% of women overall show interest in discussing politics.

Fierce political opinions can sometimes be off-putting.

When asked to QuackQuack users whether their partner’s political views affected their relationships in any way, there was a visible contrast between users from metro cities and users from Tier 2 cities. 31% of women in metro cities said they would not proceed with further dates if their partner’s political views were unfavourable, while the remaining 69% of women said they wouldn’t care about their partner’s political opinions if they really liked the guy. Men in metro cities were less similar to the women in metro cities in this aspect, they mostly cared less about their partner’s political opinions. Only 22% of men in metro cities said they are less likely to date girls with unfavourable political opinions. In Tier 2 cities, users were seen to be surprisingly more accepting of their partner’s different political views. They were more laid back and were not as aggressive in their political opinions as compared to users in metro cities. 12% of women really cared about their partner’s political opinions as compared to only 5% of men.

Politics is not as much a deal breaker as people might think.

In most cases, political views didn’t appear to be a deal breaker for QuackQuack users especially for young users between the age group of 18-20 years, wherein only 8% of both male and female users overall claimed it to be a serious dealbreaker. Moving on to users of the age group between 21 to 30 years old, 14% of female users said their partners should have similar political affiliations to them, when asked for the reason, it was cited that the future of generational change depended on obliging the right kind of partner. 9% of men were also on the same page as women on this. Users of the age group 31 and above seemed more particular on the aspect of political views but not for the most part. 21% of women said they would not date a partner with unacceptable political views for reasons that were mainly regarding the coming of their child-bearing age(or settling-down age), thus they wished not to raise children under an environment of conflicting political views. The vast majority of the women surveyed under this age group didn’t care nonetheless. 16% of men in this age group also didn’t want a partner with a different political outlook than them since they claimed it wasn’t worth the struggle at this point. But most men pertaining to this age group just didn’t care about varying political opinions of their partners, as they really looked forward to making a relationship work in case they very much liked the woman they were with.

The CEO of the dating app QuackQuack, Mr. Ravi Mittal, was quoted as saying “I’ve heard some cases where dating was difficult for those with strong political opinions. The date fizzled out when some users found out their dates actually think much differently when it came to politics. But this is only true for a small proportion of users. Nevertheless, young Indians are learning to date with a higher level of acceptance nowadays and are able to entertain different political views of their dates when they are really into them.”

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