YUJ Designs announces the biggest design challenge with UXplorer’22; captures the attention of global designers

UXplorer’22 not only challenges the minds of young designers but urges them to solve real-world issues through design thinking.
PUNE, India – July 11, 2022

YUJ Designs, a global design company committed to creating Impact by Design, is all set to usher in a new season of ideas and innovation with UXplorer’22. For the ninth year in a row, the challenge invites participation from young designers across the globe to unleash their creativity and become proactive design thinkers. Every year, UXplorer comes with an exciting theme that’s critical from a social perspective. The theme for this year is Digital Wellness.

Social media is often perceived as a source of happiness and 24X7 connectivity is what everyone is aiming for. But in a day and age where we check our phones every 4 minutes, 344 times a day, digital wellness has become more important than ever.

Digital overload is drowning us and we are all struggling to retain our sanity while striking a balance between the ‘reel’ and the ‘real’. YUJ Designs aims to solve the digital wellness puzzle and help the world live better through innovative solutions stemming from UXplorer’22.

Although it has stringent evaluation criteria in place, they are only to ensure that the company’s exceptional design standards are met at all times. While doing so, it also aims to raise the bar for global design. The challenge is getting stronger by the year with the number of entries and submissions increasing in substantial numbers. What’s heartening though is the fact that it has started garnering a lot of attention from other countries too.

Last year, there were entries from countries like Egypt, Tunisia, the United States, Ireland, and Somalia. This year, just a week from its announcement, designers from Canada, Egypt, and France have already registered for UXplorer’22. And this is just the beginning!

You can participate too in the biggest design challenge and earn cash prizes and accolades from the finest global design company. This is also an opportunity to get funding for your business ideas and watch them translate into real, game-changing solutions. You can even earn an internship opportunity at YUJ Designs and get career advice from industry experts who are fortifying the UX global landscape through innovation and design.

To participate, please visit : https://www.yujdesigns.com/uxplorer/

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