ZEE5 is now India’s No 1 rated OTT app

~ With seamless user interface and enhanced user experience, the platform is now rated 4.5 on Android Play Store and 4.7 on the iOS App Store ~

~ In the last quarter Q2FY23, ZEE5 achieved the highest ever daily active users (DAUs) of 11.4 million and the monthly active users (MAUs) stood at 112.4 million ~

~ ZEE Tech and Innovation Centre in Bengaluru has developed a strong team of design, technology, data, and talent to meet the needs of the new-age consumers seamlessly across connected devices ~

India, 10th January 2023: ZEE5, India and Bharat’s largest home-grown video streaming and multilingual storyteller for multiple entertainment seekers, is now also the country’s favourite OTT app as it emerges at the top in app ratings on Android Play Store and iOS App store. With seamless user interface and enhanced user experience, the platform is now rated 4.5/5 on Android Play Store and 4.8/5 on the iOS App Store. To meet the needs of the new-age consumers seamlessly across connected devices, the ZEE Tech and Innovation Centre in Bengaluru developed a strong cohort of design, technology, data, and talent. This has helped the team to address and implement user feedback, resulting in impactful product-led innovations and an improved user interface. Thorough research, coupled with data analytics and the brand’s concerted and streamlined efforts has led to multiple technological advancements resulting in significantly better app experience.

Talking about the product experience and the business strategy, Mr. Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 India said, “Being a consumer-first brand from the very outset, we have focussed on building a platform that offers a wholistic experience to our audiences. Our strategy has been to invest in improving the platform’s user experience across devices and ensure that high quality content is showcased with best in class viewing experience. The increase in app rating is a significant validation from our consumers and encourages us to continue to provide great quality content with equally good viewing experience across demographics. We will continue to invest in becoming the most preferred OTT platform on the back of innovation, research and analytics with one simple objective of delighting our viewers.”

Addressing the success, Mr. Kishore AK, Chief Technology Officer, ZEE5 said, “The vision for us at ZEE5 has been to identify and then overcome the roadblocks for a better user interface while building a product that can be seamlessly integrated across devices. We rely on research and customer feedback to design the strategy for efficiently catering to the larger and diverse audience base. We are happy to see the results of our efforts as we continue to develop and make investments to enhance the user experience on ZEE5.”

“About a year ago, when we came together to set up the Technology and Innovation Centre in Bangalore, we went back to the drawing board and decided to reinforce consumer experience as the core proposition of ZEE5, our flagship digital platform. Empowering cross-functional teams to identify and solve consumer problems allowed us to make rapid improvements on many fronts at the same time.” said Mr. Bhushan Kolleri, Chief Product and Innovation Officer for Zee Entertainment.

The product, data and technology team worked as one team to significantly improve both the content viewing and search experience. The key product feature enhancements that drove the improvement content viewing experience were video player experience, 4K video quality, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus audio support. Personalisation of search results was the cornerstone initiative for enhancing the search experience. Further, we enabled better discovery of content on the platform through enhancing the underlying recommendation engine.

The team simultaneously identified, tracked, and improved key video player performance metrics, made core changes to video player technology and provided users with seamless playback and intuitive video player controls. Along with enhancing the content security on the app, they improved the customer support chatbot flow, making it easier for the users to intuitively resolve their issues on their own. The platform also revamped the entire connected TV apps interface and worked towards reducing the app size by 10% and the app launch time also improved by 25% and reflected in the mobile app rating.

Currently the highest-growing OTT platform in India as per latest industry reports, ZEE5 is known for its diversified content across 100+ taste clusters and its focus on real, relevant, and resonant storytelling. Today, ZEE5 is home to over 5 lakhs+ hours of on-demand content and 160+ live TV channels. With a rich library of over 3500 films, 1750 TV shows, 700 originals, ZEE5 offers content in 12 Indian languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi. The platform has an exciting line-up for 2022 that will add to its extensive library of content, offering a wider array of catalogue to entertainment seekers. Additionally, the product, data and technology based in Bangalore at the ZEE Technology and Innovation Centre has an exciting line up for further product enhancements aimed to delight its consumers and further consolidate its leadership.

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