ZeltaTech has been announced to be the official sponsor of Crypto Asia Expo Singapore’22 to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June, at Fairmont Hotel, Singapore. Through this partnership, India-based ZeltaTech will leverage its rights to the Crypto Expo marks, emblem, and assets, and run unique promotions to connect with the passionate crypto community around the world. It will also create engaging and creative content with educational messages as part of a multifaceted activation plan. The event would also give an opportunity to crypto enthusiasts worldwide to come together for the first time.

Ayush Khetan, CEO of ZeltaTech expressed, “I find tremendous pride to be a part of this platform and thrilled to have us all on the same footing. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent India on this prominent global level. Crypto Expo Asia is a ground-breaking event that will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the future of digital currency and the web3 and we’re pleased to participate in it.”

ZeltaTech is an Indian fintech behemoth that ranks among the top blockchain development and consulting firms with an expertise in web3, dApp, and tokenization. With this alliance, ZeltaTech seems to be going towards a better interaction with the crypto-enthusiasts and amplifying the client circle. As a part of a holistic strategy, it will also put forward innovative material with instructional undertones. They are also anticipated to launch their products like Khonsu Funds and Gaming Arcade on this global platform.

The company was founded in 2020 by a team of experienced blockchain developers and entrepreneurs. With corporate headquarters in Jaipur, India, and offices in 3 countries, ZeltaTech products are accessed in over 143 countries. Within just 2 years, the company has expanded to cater to a large crypto community globally with products and services to offer, including dApps Development, Blockchain Consulting, NFT Marketplace Development, Tokenization, Crypto Wallet Development, Swapping System, and many more. The company aims to make the web3 world easily accessible and understandable for all while providing digital solutions.

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