Zeno Media Empowers Indian Content Creators in The Audio Streaming Space

The audio streaming space is growing at a rapid pace across the world and one brand that is constantly creating new innovations in this space is Zeno Media. Launched in the year 2011, Zeno Media has quickly become a global top ten radio streaming company and it has played an important role in bridging the gap between diaspora communities and native language programming.

The success of this fast-growing media organization can be gauged by the fact that it serves more than 30,000 content creators across the globe and it receives over 20 million monthly plays on Indian audio content alone. In 2019, Zeno Media launched  Zeno.FM, a radio discovery platform with over 1 million active listeners to help content creators expand their reach outside their home country.

On the company’s business approach, Vice President of Growth Nikols Latuff says, “India is a country with the most number of languages. The diversity of the country is one of the reasons behind the content being produced being so unique and engaging. There is a lot of great talent there and we want these individuals to have the right platform to showcase their content. The response has been very encouraging and we would continue bringing out more interesting opportunities for Indian content creators.”

The company’s collaborative approach has been one of the biggest reasons behind its astounding success. Zeno Media has enabled Indian content creators to have their own radio stations by offering free unlimited streaming and monetisation opportunities. Many individuals, working in different professions, now have the opportunity to create original audio content and make money out of it.

“Most people have certain creative interests. Despite having a lot of talent and great ideas, they don’t get a platform. At Zeno Media, our goal is to empower such individuals and ensure their voice and the content they create reach out to a large number of people. They can create audio content and launch their own radio station or podcast while pursuing their day jobs”, says Latuff.

In February 2021, Zeno Media collaborated with EarShot to put together an elaborate podcast distribution network for Indian diaspora listeners. As per the agreement, Zeno Media distributed the podcasts available on EarShot via the Zeno Radio app and Zeno.FM. EarShot creates podcasts in five different languages including English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali and Bhojpuri. The content of these podcasts revolves around a variety of subjects including health, politics and culture.

“Zeno Media has been a backbone in the internet radio ecosystem by providing the necessary support, guidance and tools to reach listeners across the globe. Along with its user-friendly operations of running the radio, the advertisement module of Zeno has helped us generate revenue which boosts the existence and smooth functioning of internet radio stations. We are grateful and thankful to Zeno Media and all of its employees”, says Namm Radio’s founder and CEO.

With an eye or rather ear, for good content and the desire to introduce new and innovative elements to the world of audio streaming Entertainment, Zeno Media has been a game-changer in ways more than one.

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