Zimyo is taking the start-up ecosystem to the next level with its ‘Start-up Program.’

The unrivaled venture Zimyo – a leading HR-Tech service provider, launched its new initiative for young start-ups by offering a free HR and Payroll services suite.

Gurugram: The Indian start-up Zimyo stays true to its promise of providing the highest quality employee experience platform as they launched their very own ‘Start-up Program.’ With the revolutionary growth since its debut four years ago, Zimyo has now taken a step to benefact fellow start-ups that are just starting out.

Zimyo is a stellar HR and Payroll software provider driven by modern AI that incorporates a Recruitment Management, Performance Management, and Employee Benefits suite to fulfill the demands of all SMEs it has indulged. The year 2022 has brought immense success to this HR-Tech foundation, and the revenues are increasing year on year.

Zimyo kick-started its Start-up Program on 15th July 2022, wherein they’ll be offering;

Free SaaS subscription for Core HR & Payroll Product Suite, including Mobile App, Employee Self Service, Benefits, etc., for 6 months.

Major discounts on other Zimyo modules – Recruitment Management, Performance Management, etc.

18 Hours of dedication to onboarding, including setting up HR processes for the start-up.

4 hours dedicated to ‘Strategic HR/OKR’ consulting.

Free HR Templates are provided on the platform for appraisal, emails, job descriptions, offer letter generation, etc., and much more.

To avail the offer;

Visit: Zimyo signup

Signup (Create User ID and Password)

After sign up, login to the account

Go to Subscriptions (on the bottom left side of the page)

Click Manage Subscriptions

Click Upgrade

Select HRMS BASIC + Add the number of users

Select Half Yearly Subscription

Apply coupon code – PRSP2022

Proceed to pay

User validation will take place by deduction of ₹1.

“Our nation is on track toward a perennial ecosystem with initiatives like start-up India in the picture. To help our economy and promote a culture of growth, entrepreneurs establishing start-ups are being offered extraordinary benefits. With a similar vision, Zimyo took it upon itself to offer its product suite to young start-ups as a helping hand,” Kumar Mayank, CEO of Zimyo, shared his thoughts.

Now this successful venture aims to empower other start-ups to achieve prodigious growth through its tech and innovation. The mission is to unshackle professionals from tedious manual work from day 1 with the automated solutions they’re offering.

Zimyo HRMS software is profoundly used by a number of renowned SMBs such as Yash Raj Films, Amity University, Bajaj Capital, Apollo Power Systems, etc. Furthermore, it has onboarded clients from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman to imprint its growth toward foreign lands too.

The unfaltering dedication Zimyo portrays to its customer base and employees has enabled it to carve its name in stone within a short amount of time. Flourishing and advancing with even more zeal and determination, it’s committed to giving fresh start-ups the finest employee experience and engagement platform.

As the SaaS expert Zimyo is aligning with young organizations, it’s enabling them to recruit the best talents from the industry. Other perks of this robust HR solution would be the exhausting rate of employee attrition, scaling up of retention rate, and an upgrade in employee engagement by threefold.

About Zimyo

Zimyo is a paramount HR-Tech service provider with an aim to empower entities around the world with the best-in-class employee experience for their workforce.

With its suite of cloud-based HR, payroll software, a performance management software (PMS), an applicant tracking system (ATS), time attendance systems, and an engagement platform with additional employee benefits, Zimyo claims the highest throne in the HR-Tech industry.

Backed by an end-to-end implementation to renew all the prime metrics, Zimyo software optimizes all necessary steps in an employee lifecycle – from job postings and onboarding to offboarding and every step in between.

A package deal for all HR troubles that assist organizations in augmenting their productivity rates and developing a culture of employee engagement within the workplace.

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